Tuesday, February 28, 2006

sequel surprise

ever leave a theatre satisfied with the movie you just saw. then you notice everyone else realizes what a great movie that was. after it becomes somewhat successful, theres already talks for a sequel. thats when you lose respect for the movie and anything associated with it. you kinda like the original less for the sheer fact of a possible sequel. then the sequel comes out and the unthinkable happens, you actually like it better than the first. yeah man. ive had to chew back my words a few times because of these types of occurances. here is my own short list of sequels that surpass their predecessors.*

addams family values - i didnt think it was better than addams family (the original flick) when i saw it in the theatres but after watching it on the tube at least 5 times in 2006 alone, i can positively say that this sequel kicks the originals ass to the curb. sure chers "get out of my chair" dad from clueless and that fake russian dr pinderschloss made great villains but no one can beat joan cusack in the evil department (especially with her blonde bob and jackie o like dresses). plus, d-krum plays the nerdy allergic camper who befriends the addams kids when theyre imprisoned in the happy cabin. the best scene out of both those movies is definitely the pilgrim play at camp chipewa where pugsley (dressed as the thanksgiving turkey) sings "eat me." sadly, there is no 3rd movie (because if theres a sequel, theres usually a part 3 that follows). probably because raul julia (who brilliantly played gomez) died a short year after values came out. no one could play that role after him.

d2: the mighty ducks - who knew playing a washed up alcoholic lawyer forced to coach a kids hockey team would revive the career of ex brat packer emilio estevez. ill admit, i had my doubts about the first flick but of course it became a huge success. flying v! who can beat the flying v. i laughed at the thought of the sequel, especially after seeing clips of it (line dancing on the ice?!). oh but those mighty ducks (or team usa) not only won the junior goodwill games (they beat iceland or eeeeezzzz-land!) but they won my respect. yeah so the male figure skater and cowboy puck extraordinaire was a nice addition to the team but you know #22 luis mendoza was my fave. well, him and #99 adam banks. oooh that banksy. but the best scene of this movie is the cheesiest (because its the mighty ducks and the early '90s): street hockey with now snl start kenan thompson introducing the knuckle puck while whoomp there it is plays in the background. yeah. d3 is not a fave of mine. kinda unrealistic and charlie conway not looking at his finest. ill tell you this much, i never wouldve thought annoying charlie conway would turn into the teacher seducing, psycho dating, best friends girl stealing pacey witter.

sister act 2 - yeah like you didnt see this one coming. the original sister act was a surprise itself. come on. whoopi goldberg puttin' some groove and soul in a convent of the whitest of white nuns. still, the miracle that "sister mary clarence" pulled off wasnt what she did with the nuns but with the people outside the church and bringing them in. she made sunday services hip. ok, i had the same reaction with sister act 2. oh i thought singing nuns were cheesy but trying to put a little dangerous minds twist into a family feel good film is probably gonna be no good idea. i cringed with embarrassment the first time i saw sister act 2 but now its my siblings that are usually doing the cringing as i belt out the tunes with lauryn hill, ryan (city high) toby, and jennifer "in a role thats not a big stretch for her" love hewitt. i dont know what makes me happier, singing along to oh happy day or joyful, joyful. you know anyone who can mix a lil naughty by nature and janet jackson into a classic gospel song is a genius.

there are a few movies that have the reverse effect: remembering the sequel being better than the original then watching both again back to back and realizing that the original was in fact the better of the two (hello home alone!). and there are sequels that you have high hopes for and actually believe will be better than the first only to be seriously let down and completely embarrassed for making that assumption (hello waynes world 2!).

*i know a lot of people are gonna be like, wheres empire strikes back? its a shitload better than a new hope (ep 4). i have to be honest. the last time i watched the last 3 eps of star wars was back in the 80s and i guarantee i had no idea what was going on back then. i still had no idea what was going on when i watched the first 3 eps almost two decades later. i usually just went for the popcorn.

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