Sunday, February 26, 2006

jackpot time!

ever have lady luck on your side? have one of those days (or weekends) when everything you encounter just aligns with each other? have you heard the saying "everything happens when you least expect it"? this past weekend has been such a classic example and answer to those questions. what i thought would be just another mini road trip to atlantic city the girls and i planned on a whim turned into a luck fest of fun surprises. instead of recapping this weekend like i usually do, im gonna list the interesting coincidences i realized even existed as we drove away from the cheesy lights of jersey slums.

ew and lost (my fave and my fave) - opened up my fave mag to see the first article was about my fave show. as i was smiling and shaking with excitement about this little fave-fave combo, i realized i loved this article that much more because:

  • its a list! - you know i love my lists. i love making them and i love reading them. i can never finish a book because i usually fall asleep before the first chapter ends but lists makes reading seem a lot shorter. me likey the simple stuff.
  • 5 reasons - lost doesnt just describe the state the characters are in on that freaky island but it also explains how a viewer feels if he/she doesnt pay close attention. theories, connections, numbers, ew did it again by breaking down the the monstrous mystery that is lost and simplifying it into 5 easy breezy (not really. its lost man, not freddie) reasons. loves it.
  • hit list - no, its not a list of people that are gonna die on my fave show but its my all time fave part of my weekly issue of ew. (ok, i was lying, stupid questions is my fave part but its not in every issue.) anyhoo, after i was finished with the delightfully easy to read reasons of lost, right next to it was the hit list. i didnt even have to turn the page to read the witty and sarcastic repartee of the past weeks pop culture events. and yes, hit list is a list. list love!

david krumholtz - scratching your head right? stop the scratching and start reading... my list of reasons why d-krum (i just made that up) is a part of this lucky trip to ac.

  • quality inn... not so quality - as well pulled into the quality inn, we had to run over a few slum lords that were hanging out in the middle of the parking lot. after getting our room key, we anxiously opened the door so we could put our bags down and kick our feet up. lets just say our faces were down and the nips were popping out because the room was freezing! heater was blowing out cold air and there was a mysterious door to the next room with a tiny metal bar that was keeping it shut. as the jiller called the front desk to change rooms (which we eventually did), i did what i always do which is turn on the tv. what was on? numb3rs with... d-krum complete with his pretty new flappy jew fro. awesome.
  • 10 things - i first noticed krumholtz as wednesdays fellow anti-sleepaway camper in addams family values. then he was thinking about getting a corrolla in 10 things i hate about you but my fave krumholtz movie is slums of beverly hills. slums of bh, and ac is the slums of nj. coincidence!
  • lucky be a lady tonight - my fave scene in slums of bh is when d-krum is in his tightie whities singing luck be a lady (pictured above). another coincidence: d-krums character was a stoner. what was i doing during most of my trip... do i really need to answer that?

slots, tropicana style - im not a gambler. i hate taking risks. walking by the $1 slots makes my knees tremble. how could i put in dollar in a machine and know that i possibly will never see that money again? still, i walked into the casino with the "lets just have fun" attitude. started with the nickel slots but i felt like one of the grannies who smoke too many cigarettes and wears ugly giftshop sweatshirts and fanny packs so i moved on up to the quarter slots. thats when the trip took a "lucky" turn.

  • win - as i was about to call it a night with the slots, i bet one more credit (aka quarter) and pulled the lever. 5 diamond, 5 diamond, 5 diamond. ding ding ding. the machine didnt have crazy lights going off but the credits kept rolling. as i looked up at the chart, 5 diamonds in a row = 1500 credits (aka 1500 quarters aka $375). woot! jackpot. i cashed that baby in and put $300 safely in my wallet and the remaining money to go gamble a little more. went to the pink panther slots and woot again! 80 more bucks! thanks lady luck.
  • spend - after gloating in my wins, the girls and i had to celebrate. drinks on me. cab on me. breakfast on me. road trip back snacks... on me too. its the best feeling. taking care of the ones you care about the most. but i didnt just spend my moolah on the girls either.
  • save - calvin. kenneth. ralph. no, theyre not male escorts but the outlets i went to go to spend some of my fun dough on myself. who knew ac had outlets. whoever thought of that is genius. instead of throwing the money you won in the casinos back into the craps or blackjack tables, you can spend it on clothes. at least then, youll have something to show for it when you open up your once again empty wallet. i have new pants, fun skank tops and an even fun new crazy silver bag to show for my winnings. and i got them all at great prices. yay!

coincidences. do you what else i like? its all in threes which is my fave number and now that i think about it, our room number at the quality inn was 233. 33! also, hot doc heros name on lost is jack and i like pot. jackpot. hmmm. ok, now im just being ridiculous.

special mention:
i cant believe this. this never happens to me.
oh no. rrj is back.
(rrj= road rage jiller).

i doubt this song is out of your head jamie but if it is, sorry but i had to. (naked)


Anonymous diane said...

u do know that if u played the max bet (aka 3 quarters) u would have won $1,125!!! ALWAYS BET MAX BET!

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's melfur...and I disagree with life you win some and lose some...better to win small that to risk everything, which is probably why i'm broke...but oh well

4:32 PM  

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