Tuesday, February 14, 2006

random thoughts

ok, the lack of updates on this blog is just nerve and for that i am muy muy sorry. its been a combo of bloggers block and lazy/crazy tiredness. ive been wracking my brain trying to think of something stimulating to write about but all that kept popping into my head were just random thoughts. maybe its 'cause i read karos ruminations earlier this week or maybe its 'cause i feel like a moron, but here is my list of things ive been ruminating about. ew, im such a dork for using the word ruminating.

snow sucks. seriously, the damn shoveling the driveways, shoveling your cars on the street, shoveling the damn sidewalks. when kids see snow they think snow day but when i see snow, i think aches and pains, especially in my arms and lower back. oh man, i am getting old.

on a lighter note, i got a pretty kickass pair of snow boots today for only $35! theyre so perfect for me: plain and black. and theyre multi-purpose too. i can wear them to work, in the snow, and you know ill be rocking those out at night too. my tootsies need a rest from the heels.

back to the crapassness of snow, city-folk dont have it easy either. they actually have to cross the streets on the corners because theres so much snow and nasty slush to climb over that it prevents you from jaywalking like a true new yorker does. screw the snow.

gayliestar - hope youre recuperation is going ok. how were the time mags?

code black bitches! i was gonna do a nice lil recap of the best two eps of greys anat but i got lazy and the show was so good, i didnt want to do a halfass job on it. besides, jo just picked up the season 1 dvd. hmmm, a dvd review. havent done one of those yet. maybe ill crack open my review writing skills again.

do you know what time it is. tenacious d time you motherf@#$er blaw! i was craving for their cd but i was too lazy to look for it so i popped in their dvd instead while i was defrosting my body from a few hours of shoveling (screw the snow!). yeah theyre funny but i really think theyre amazing musicians too. kyle gas is a crazy guitarist and jack black is crazy. no one can skit dattle doo doobie doobie doo like that man. i sat in my bed amazed at their musical talents. or maybe it was the bowl i smoked before i put the dvd on. hmmm.

other music i was digging last week? mariah carey 1s. i think it was her performance at the grammys that reminded me how fun her music is. i was gonna do a post on the cd, breaking down and rating each and every song but sloth took the best of me. blog vs sleeping. sleeping always won. until tonight.

the crazy clan that is my fam. if my house had cameras this weekend, it wouldve captured great material for a funny reality show. my parents warped thinking is pretty funny but i think the interactions between me and the younger siblings are hilarious. picture this: an angry jo standing in the corner glaring at rich and me. rich is playing random weezer songs on his acoustic guitar while i provided the vocal stylings and interpretive dance. you know i was doing air punches while he played hash pipe and jo was mumbling "how am i related to them" over and over again.

evite evite, whered you get that evite. dogsitting is the best reason to throw a party, jamie.

new ep of lost tomorrow night but the veronica mars ep with kristin cavalleri from 'guna is on at the same time. oh the dilemmas of a tivo-less girl like me.

special mention:
dr. bailey: omalley. stop staring at my va-j-j!


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