Monday, March 06, 2006


sorry mans. im a ti. li. just had a huge dinner at chee with the jiller. im like deliriously full. anyhoo, didnt want to leave you guys with nothing so heres something to kickoff the fun idol night at the gness-inn/peach pit after dark. he gave us chills. but we still love you ace! ive finally figured out who the yummy ace and saucy chris look like:

idol math

anson mount + long hair + rosy cheeks + sensitive soul + koolaid smile = ace young

vin diesel - 80 lbs - cheesy bouncer aura x better face + great voice = chris daughtry

special mention:
i dont have a witty or silly quote but a reminder to look up the shirts. its been almost a year so i better get a move on it to get them in time for the 1st anni of the blog. so crazy!


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