Tuesday, January 17, 2006

seacresting out

damn american idol. im not a hardcore viewer. i usually dont watch it at all. im what youd call a lazy idol watcher. i dont hardcore watch until there are only a few contestants left. sure, ill watch a few eps here and there when theyre finished with all that eliminating bullshit and have their final 10 or 12. from there i read about each weeks performances and results at ew.com and probably my new fave tv review site (such a cyber dork!) tvgasm.com and if someone sounds really interesting (or if i cant take jamies nagging anymore) ill tune in. i usually never watch the audition eps. too much cheesy crap to sit through and also a lot more seacrest than id ever subject myself to. ew, i actually said im "seacresting out" tonight when i left work. the idol cheese is already seeping in and its only been one ep.

so i watched. i missed the first half hour but i actually sat through and watched the auditions. mostly because i was hoping the ep might inspire me to write something great tonight and also 'cause i didnt want to hear jamies wrath tomorrow during our parking chant/convo. so i didnt get any inspirations but i do have a few observations:

1. there was an even trashier (if you can believe this) version of britney and her mother lynne spears. seriously, we were looking at what wouldve been if miss brit and her momma traded in her broadway auditions for "jobs" on 42nd street all those years ago. britney, be glad your momma had a working head over her shoulders. best part about wanna be brits audition - the constant growling. no one can beat jamies "brrrrrring back those nights..." no one.

2. siblings + american idol = lose lose situation. has anyone ever heard of the term sibling rivalry? hello! why would anyone ever ever ever enter one of the most nerve wracking ego crushing contests and with their own brother/sister/twin?! even if the siblings make it to the next round its still a lose lose because either way both or only one of you will be a loser and no victory can be sweet if someone you love had a loss. the brunette hick town sisters were pretty good but the 16 year old twins we couldve done without. simon was right, theyre only in because they have the twin gimmick. if either of those guys came in individually, theyd be going back home.

3. the song selection hasnt actually gotten better. the people must be watching and taking notes before they come to audition. i surprisingly didnt hear any bad whitney, celine, mariah, alicia keys, etc... songs. unbelievable. the few girls who did attempt to sing a song from one of the greats brought it and kicked some major ass. tomorrows auditions should be interesting with that horrible rendition of straight up. never ever ever sing a song by one of the judges, even if it is paula abdul.

i guess i dont like the auditions too much because deep down, i really wanna see jam and gayle onscreen doing my all time favorite version of we are family... yeah yeah yeah eee yeah.

special mention:
revealing her newfound love of the 1st ave bus
jamie: i can get to jillers really fast. she doesnt know that. dont tell her.

special mention american idol style:
go for the GOLDschmidt!


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