Sunday, December 11, 2005

la yum

long island. not exactly the first place that pops into your mind when you think of culinary excellence. when the jiller and i go out to try exotic eateries, we go exploring in the city. but i still live at home and this girls gotta eat. gotta deal with my surroundings. long island isnt the worst place for food. hell it is us, not the city, that has the best bagels in the world. jew central = kickass bagels. and yes, theres a diner in every town, some even have two or three. diners are key because theyre open late or open 24 hours with breakfast always available. even though i have to admit nothing is better than nyc pizza, the long island pizzerias are not to be shunned away. im not talking about the pizzerias with just pizza on the menu. im talking about the half take-out pizza half general italian restaurant pizzerias.

although marios pizza is the where its at pizzeria of syosset, im gonna have to pick my neighboring towns pizzeria as the choice pizzeria of long island: plainviews la piazza. if you go during early bird hours, the wait is slim to none as youre sitting amongst silver haired residents as opposed to the prada clad high schoolers that fill up the eatery after sundown.

so i had my early bird dinner with jamie (which makes sense because a. this is her fave place to eat when shes ventures out to long island and b. shes our jewish grandma so early bird dinner time is her actual dinner time). even though shes on a very low carb diet, she decided to treat herself to a nice slice of pizza after a very hard week of work. pizza and salad for the jam, a nice pasta dish for me. as i perused the menu, the colorful combination of fresh shrimp, asparagus, mushrooms, carrots, and broccoli over fresh cavatelli sounded very appetizing but i decided to go with a fave: rigatoni with chicken, spinach, and mozzerella in a creamy pink sauce. the wait for the entree was a little long but i had the bread basket to distract me until my food came. i even got some take out for my skinny brosef who was sitting at home. ah, the smell of the garlic knots was intoxicating.

so there really is no point or "punny" ending to this post. i just had a bunch of very special mention worthy quotes from the weekend but no post to put them with. the la meal was of course an idea by jamie. had a good meal, too bad the post isnt as great.

special mention:
classic jiller memory from the earth science days with sponenberg
jamie: during the break, she would always get otis spunkmeyer cookies.
3 for a dollar back in the day. they were soft and gooey too. yummy.

john: i think we're all hos. we just need some cock.
no explanation. just the truth.

parking in nyc is a bitch
man looking for parking: can you park here?
jamie: no. medical parking only. i just got a ticket.

man leaves to look for another spot
i just saved that guy $115.


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