Thursday, December 01, 2005

im no barbara walters but...

december. end of the year. time to recap. rejoice. reflect. barbara walters always names the influential people of the year. i dont think im the person to name the most influential people in the world but i can give a shout out and thanks to the people who have influenced me. inspired me. helped me. loved me. you know. kickass people. so in no particular order:

jill r - not to be confused with the jiller. obviously my feel good mondays are named because of her but shes really helped me evolve. i dont want to call my process growing up because i was never really immature but this experience has been very eye-opening. even now. well over a year. im glad shes the one to lead me through this emotional obstacle course.

mahj and fahj - better known as mom and dad. as much as they drive me nuts, this year has been pretty good. not as many suicidal thought invoking moments as last year. seriously, i cant recall too many "wars" that happened in 2005. as much as they drive me crazy, i still admire them. theyre just hard working folks who believe in what they believe. true, we may have our differences but we've come to respect them. jo and i are even wearing xmas socks dad bought us. if you told us that a year ago, we wouldve laughed in your face. now its a fact.

dee - we've had a pretty breakthrough year. its been tough between us at times but we're pushing through. from the bottom and all the other places of my heart, i hope you get all you want and more importantly need this year, next year, every year. we worry because we love.

joinaclub - her fave line to me is, "what would you do without me?" which i would reply with, "same thing. just alone." truth is, without jo, id still find my way to whatever i was about to do, it would just take me 80 times longer. join keeps me in check. even when i start to fall into a downward spiral, she does whatever she can to pick me back up. wonderwoman right? oh yeah, and she bakes too. join!

ichford and son - my brosef. i have finally found the best the way to describe him: hes me... with balls (literally and figuratively). i love double meanings. seriously, i get a lot of de ja vu -ish moments when i see him sometimes except the way he handles situations is different from the way i wouldve handled them. its like watching a familiar movie but with an alternate ending. he answers people the way i wouldve loved to but was too scared to. he can be such an asshole sometimes, but his remarks are so damn witty than even though he just insulted you, youre also amazed too. thanks for always amazing me. we cooooooommmmmeeee!

jiller - the jiller. my symbiotic twin. except we're not very twin-like anymore. we've been through a lot of changes: you living in the city, you and the boyfriend (ok the jillers been through a lot) but our friendship hasnt changed. the one thing i was scared of, the one thing you vowed would never happen. what remarkable thing have you done for me this year? how bout urging me to start this blog. yes, i may have an audience of only 5 people, but at least im entertaining these 5 people and having a pretty rockin' time doing it. its even given me a self esteem boost and we all know those are hard to come by for me. hip hip hooray for the jiller.

melfur - talk about self esteem boost, one of my first friends to comment and compliment this stuff. seriously, one of my favorite things to do is laugh and i can always count on melfur to help me do just that. i love her weekends on the island. we drive, we smoke, we eat, we talk, we laugh, laugh, and laugh some more. her teaching stories are hysterical. im glad shes out there educating and disciplining. even if it is in the boogie down bronx. if you ever need any jewish banter (and who doesnt) melfur is the best!

gayliestar - if it werent for gayliestar, id be another cheesy snob head who thinks the city is the only place to be. so not true. wouldnt know the streets (the main ones anyway) of astoria if it werent for g-star. we both share the same feelings about what money is worth and know that while our "cheesy flirt" friends are showing skin like its their job, our mysterious scorpio hotness is all we need for a night out. dont have to be half naked. what this year was lacking though: smokin' and dyin' and mcdonalds sunday morning breakfasts. what was cool though: the ti li headband and our best pic ever (halloween!).

aim - omg! aim aim aim!!! this year was definitely the craziest for us for sure. what havent we been through should be the question. seriously, i would go on another (botched) vacation with you any day. i picked you up, you picked me up. it worked out. we met jake! we met jake! you went to paradise. i got to hear all the fun stories. i cant wait for the "movie debut" and the crazy stories ahead. seriously, we dont need a cruise to have a fun time. if we can survive a natural disaster together, everything else will feel like a (chocalate wrap) good time. hehe.

jamie - jiller may have gotten me to start this blog but jamies the reason why it gets updated so frequently. the constant pressure of providing a blog with her breakfast. hehe. i gladly write these for her (and everyone elses) reading enjoyment. jams not only used to be my pseudo super (i lived at the peach pit) but she was and still is my "jill r" during off duty times. who am i kidding, she even tells me what to talk about with jill r before my sessions. hehe. shes my insider life guide. not only does she give me advice, but jamies the only one who can tolerate my voice enough to bust out to any songs we're obsessed with at the moment (its currently rent). and shes also a frequent special mention. special mention!

speaking of special mention, this list also has a special mention (or two).

the lauren special mention:

- my first and very close friend from work. we've been through so much its amazing to think we've only known each other for a little over a year. we were forced to cohabitate during a business trip to chicago but seriously, im so thankful for that trip. it really cemented our friendship. and we needed the friendship to endure the crazy ex-boss we had. we've had so many fun times together and i know we're gonna have a lot more. even though we dont work together anymore, its so great to know we're still good friends. awesome. and the she-devil is now out of the company. double awesome.

bods - when i transferred to hofstra, i thought i would go there and just take my classes. ive got friends. why make more. but bods. shes a loon. maybe thats why we got along so famously. we were both shining stars in our journalism class (ok, she had everything together while i would make faces at the camera), but we both had mouths of sailors and werent afraid to use 'em. and the random dance bust outs in class. im glad we get together to destress about work and our equally crazy siblings.

special mention:
"so-AH-ry. they dont mean it when it goes up in the middle. so-AH-ry."

ellen degeneres is a genius.


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