Monday, November 07, 2005

new furniture

dear jamie,

my parents just got new furniture. its like old school korea wooden furniture. not like a wooden rocking chair but like full fledge 3 piece sofa set. except its wood. no cushions. well, theyll probably get those flat cushions you sit on because my dad suffers from asian flat ass. sitting on hard surfaces literally pains him. hes even got these cushions in his car seats. crazy.

so since they got new furniture, my mothers been going nuts (well more than usual) trying to move our current furniture around to make room for the new coming in. with all this moving going on, i cant concentrate and write a quality post.

i didnt want to leave this blank though. i know i moved a few people with the last writing so to come back the next day with nothing just didnt seem right. i know youre waiting in the morning with your whole wheat toast and cheese. give theo a high five (or paw) for me.

ill try and take pics of the new decor and post it up. my parents style is eclectic to say the least: wooden furniture, full fledge (i kick bowflex out the water) weight machine monstrosity, entertainment system equipped with karaoke... and thats just the living room. makes me second guess whether or not to have a have winter shindig at my crazy casa.

dont forget to vote. of all people and of all things to say, my father reminded me (or more like threatened me) to vote because its my right. i dont know what the crap is going on in nassau but if i was voting in nyc, id be anti-bloomberg. teachers go through enough. hes a bad bad man.

have a happy tuesday, good luck with parking, try to take a crap and a nap when you get home and remember my "fun day" begins at 10am with the jiller. whos gonna slip the details, you or jiller?



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