Friday, September 09, 2005

thursday nights: o c(heese) tv

double whammy last night. wasnt even going to to watch the oc because my heart belongs to the real oc: laguna beach but i needed something to watch before the much anticipated reunion so i indulged myself in some cohen family action.

i thought i was on the anti reality show bandwagon when reality shows started popping up like movie theatre popcorn but after comparing the two orange county based programs in my head, ive realized id rather hop on the reality boat rather than the scripted programming yacht. i think lc is way hotter than mischa barton and even though her life isnt as exciting as that of marissa cooper, i find myself being more entertained by lc contemplating whether or not to finish her mammoth weekend puzzle rather than marissa dealing with her failed attempted murder of her pseudo rapist trey (brother of her boyfriend/friend ryan "bad boy from chino" atwood).

the newport beach foursome were cute spending their "last day(s)" before trey decides their jail time fate by frolicking at the beach and making out by the lifeguard booths. actually, the fun time montage made me feel kinda lonely - reminding me that i dont have any cute boys to frolick by the sea with. made me realize my summer was spent like any other week of the year and ended with a botched cruise accompanied by a tropical storm. then again, i wasnt wondering if i was gonna end up in jail before i graduate high school so i started to cheer up again.

cohen and co trying to run away with atwood was pretty funny but filled with velveeta cheese. i was hoping reunion wasnt going to be as cheestastic but then again, the show is set over a 20 year span starting with the cheesiest decade ever - the '80s - so i had to take my lactaid, sit back and enjoy this hour long ride.

i actually taped the show. old school style on an actual vhs. i know i know. who doesnt have tivo or dvr these days right? but when youre still living with the 'rents (which i am working my ass off trying to free myself of) you gotta deal with what you got and all we got is the dish network and a vcr. (dvd and karaoke too but karaoke does much more harm than good, especially when the older sib is in town). i cant be a total dish network hater. i still have my basic but very important channels (mtv, vh1, the-n: home of degrassi!) and it provides my parents with 3 korean channels. yeah man 3. directv only had 1 channel that only aired an hour of korean programming and cablevision had zero! and the korean channel isnt all for my parents. jo and i have also been watching a korean drama every weeknight at 9pm with the mahj hence the old school taping of reunion.

anyhoo, i watched the anticipated premiere and was... slightly less than satisfied. that always happens though. i get really excited about a new show and then my expections run sky high and when i finally watch what ive been waiting for, it just seems ok. the only shows that meet my expectations are degrassi and the 'guna. even entourage hasnt been up to par lately. and well, i guess reunion will be joining vinny chase and gang.

will i watch reunion next week? of course. even though it was mediocre, its still addicting. im not sitting at the edge of my seat but i also wont want to miss all the happenings of these six buddies in 1987 - the year after high school graduation, the car crash, and everyones departure to london, new york, brown university, prison. you know, where all normal groups of friends end up. this show is like desperate housewives. its nothing spectacular yet you cant not watch it because there is nothing on tv that is like it. and each episode does have you wanting to know what happens in the next. plus, it doesnt hurt that will estes is on the main characters. loves it!


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