Monday, September 19, 2005

hot doc hero

after a week long funk of being down about being a 1 outta 3, i actually had a pretty kickass weekend. the best balance of going out with friends, running silly errands with the sibs, and chilling out at home. during my funk, i decided to not go out at all and signed up on netflix soon after. i figured, if im gonna stay in, might as well keep myself entertained. signed up on thursday, and got my first two discs on saturday. i never wouldve thought id get so into a show or be so amazed until i watched the pilot ep:

adam said i would love it and its true, im hooked already. my goal was to watch all of season 1 before the season 2 premiere but that doesnt seem likely. lost is amazing. the pilot was like a blockbuster film except i actually loved what i was watching. amazed, scared and aroused. yeah man. instead of yelling "BEST SHOW!" like i usually do while watching 'guna or degrass, im yelling "HOT DOC HERO" every five seconds. yeah man. the hot. doc. hero. = yummy. yum. yum.
i read about his character numerous times last year when the show was getting hot. even if i dont watch a particular show, ill still read about it. heard his character was the hero of the show. thought it was all mumbo jumbo but damn, he is the hero but hes a vulnerable "im not sure what im doing" type of hero which makes him that much hotter. how can you not think someone who helped a squimish girl sew a nasty gash in his back and a frightened guy push his shoulder back into its socket is hot. oh. he made those medical procedures seem simple while calming down his helpful civilians during the process. HOT!!!

maybe its his character or maybe im getting older but that matthew fox is one fine looking man. ill tell you the truth, i was always a bailey fan but ive grown up a lot since the party of five days and although scott wolf has a great face, hes lacking in the height department. matthew fox is tall, kinda dark, and deliciously handsome. joinaclub watches lost for ian somerhalder who i must admit has a beautiful face, but his character is kind of annoying and he also weighs 2 pounds. the hot doc hero has got it all!

i cant wait for the next two discs to arrive at my door and the second season looks intense. besides yelling, "HOT DOC HERO" id also yell out the occasional, "so intense it could be degrassi" after some crazy scenes. lost is great. its entertaining and it also makes you think. its like gilligans island meet big brother meets something else thats scary. what is out there? how did they get there? you always have the suspicious feeling that someone crazy evil is behind all this. the survivors are all apart of his experiment. or its the government being assholes. what is the story behind this epic tale? i dont know but im gonna have an awesome time finding out while watching my hot doc hero in action. yummy!


Anonymous ad said...

see cass, best show!! we'll have to watch some eps together this year! woohoo! hot doc!

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