Friday, September 30, 2005

minute munchies

ive been having those thoughts again. career thoughts. what am i doing with my life? you know, the light stuff. in order to jumpstart my thoughts about what kind of career i want, i started thinking about other peoples careers i admire. ok, careers i am downright jealous of. people who have jobs that they actually enjoy having.

im not saying im miserable with my trabajo. if i stand back and look at it, its pretty cool. i get paid (not much but its livable) to sit in front of a computer to chat with buddies, catch up on my celeb goss, and yeah, post a few ads on the companies websites too. not too shabby. dress code is business casual which means i can roll outta bed and put on something that isnt too wrinkled and not get written up for it. the bosses are cool, the atmosphere is laid back. no complaints. honestly. but am i in love with where i stand (or sit for 8 hours a day)? obviously not if my therapist thinks i should consider meds. but misery is a state i am not in.

so as i was thinking about admirable careers, the first and only person that popped into my head was the food network darling rachael ray. $40 a day, 30 minute meals, inside dish. hello! whats not to be jealous of. the jiller and i always say we could do our own $40 a day type show for new yorkers who have no money but love the eclectic variety of eateries the greatest city in the world has to offer. so i found an admirable career. now what do i love to do? this popped into my head:

a pipe and a crepe
a bong and a blintz

one of my all time favorite things to do is come home after a long hard day of work, have a session in the backyard and then go to the kitchen to make whatever my crazy mind comes up with using whatever we have in the fridge and cupboards and my cooking skills (although limited) with my favorite appliances (the microwave and toaster oven). true, the family usually runs away when i enter the kitchen to cook but if the meals satisfy my appetite, why wouldnt they gratify others? i even came up with a catchy title: minute munchies. now if only i can come up with a way to pitch this to the food network. im sure theyll be thrilled with a drug inducing food program. maybe i should set my sights for high times. im sure mom and dad would be so proud. "so what does your daughter do?/she writes a food column for high times." yeah man, bragging rights are written all over this bright idea. minute munchies. a career goal.


Blogger JaG said...

Hi! I'm on a quest to leave 100 comments in the blogosphere and you're #5!!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

justagirl has too much time on her hands...

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