Thursday, September 01, 2005

a good show on fox? plus a lil mickey p

when i usually get excited about a tv show, its usually for the return of an old fave like degrassi, laguna beach, entourage, etc... i havent been excited about a brand spanking new show in the longest time. i remember walking into the living room a few weeks ago and hearing the last few seconds of this commercial, "... fox's reunion" and automatically saying, "worst show ever". could you blame me? anything that follows "fox's" is pretty much gonna be bad but the network has been pulling surprises lately. although i havent seen it, ive heard pretty good things about prison break. and everyone loves the oc (even though the real oc, aka laguna beach is like television gold next to its bronze) and the national fave american idol. and i cant forget the comedic gems called arrested develompent and the simpsons. but this new one. i cant wait. im so excited its premiering in one week.

im all over this show and its myspace profile. the story actually intrigued me. its about six friends from high school. each episode skips to the next year for 20 years (20 eps) beginning with high school graduation. the last ep has the climatic murder between the friends which leaves us wondering, who died and who commited the murder? how great does that sound. and whats even better is this:

will estes. i know. worst name. any name that rhymes with testes is a good sign to get a better stage name but the saddest part is is that that is his stage name. his real last name - nipper. the guy is lucky hes got a great face or else his childhood would have been monstrous with the name calling. so ive been watching this pretty face when it was on the doomed show kirk on the wb, during guest spots on full house and boy meets world, a bon jovi music video, i even sat through u-571. i watched a few eps of american dreams but once his character went off to war and the girlfriend was preggers i stopped watching. anyway, im just so happy that i actually get to watch him act in something good. looks like he gets into some heavy shit. i couldve sworn i saw him sitting in jail cell and then in a preist outfit thingy during the promo. interesting. jailbird turned priest. man. this show looks better and better to me the more i think about it.

reunion aint the only thing thats making me smile. even though this is probably going to be one of the most horrible movies ill ever see, i still have to go and watch:

i know i know. its another american pie-ish piece of crap. it actually has a decent plot but its all how the movie is made and since this film has been through and is still in release date hell, im sure this movie is gonna be "great". the only reason i would see this film is right here:

thats right. mickey p is back biiiiiiiiitttttttccccccchhhhhh!!! hes my one and only star spangled elvis. my 2g og. and hes back. coming back to the big screen in that piece of shit movie but its a movie which means hes still working. his character is either a wiseass/class clown or a dumb jock/asshole. oh the typecasting is rough but look at him. even if you put him in a suit with a tweed jacket (with the suede elbow patches), a pipe in his mouth and those one eye-d glasses ala sherlock holmes and he still wouldnt look like the brightest of the bunch. its alright though. i still love him. lisp and all. he still gets me fired up. and hes tall too! gotta love the tall boys. tall bad boys. i may just pop in my 2gether dvd tonight. the hardest part of breaking up... is getting back yo stuuuuuufffffff. meow!


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