Wednesday, June 15, 2005

never gone but...

bsb. so their album came out yesterday. i knew it was coming. i was actually a little suprised by their new single. yes. it still has the same bsb sound but the lyrics actually made sense. i guess there are no more swedes writing their songs. good for them.

but theyre not as big as they used to be. of course not. the pop cycle of the late '90s brought them to a ridiculous peak that can really never be topped or even reached again. i give them credit for being courageous enough to return. hell, *nsync didnt even attempt it - but then again, nick carters solo career was a bust while justin timberlake became an even bigger star than the very group that brought him into the spotlight. jtim must have crazy great karma.

anyway, the group is all growns up now.

who am i kidding. they look the same. howie still looks like a closeted homo. kevin still looks like a hot honky asshole. and my dear brian b-rok littrell still looks the same: innocent and adorable. nick and aj packed on a few pounds but thats what happens when youre a raging alcoholic girlfriend beater and a recovering druggie, respectively. anyway, this isnt about how the boys "evolved into men." nah, its about their return and how kinda sad it is.

a group who used to sell out tours in a matter of minutes is now having ticket sale problems. yikes. but you know a group has really hit rock bottom when they have an ep of vh1 behind the music. i caught the last half of it yesterday. i cant wait to watch the ep from the beginning. i love this stuff. i probably know most of it anyway as i was a huge bsb fan. was people. was one. oh but from watching just the second half of the show, they could have just named the damn ep behind the music: aj mclean. since most of the group was squeaky clean 'cept for aj. the bad boy with the really bad facial hair.

supposedly the first time he tried cocaine was the day they shot the video for the call. thats bull. that video was like the 3rd single from their 3rd us album. youre telling me it took him that long to go with the white lines. damn. why the hell were you in a boy band if you werent gonna snort everything you saw? someone doesnt know how to party.

anyway, the end of the episode actually had a nice ending: one with a positive outlook on their future. the group has reunited with the manager of all managers - johnny wright. mr wright has got a tough job ahead of him but if anyone can bring them back, its him.

itd be a miracle if i can sing backstreets back alright and actually mean it but for now, im just gonna listen to their new single in the privacy of my little office and shut if off when someone walks by.


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