Wednesday, June 01, 2005

hes baaaaack... and ive got perma-grin

oh my gideon. hes back. id given up on him weeks ago. mtv news thought they were cool when they changed the 10 to the hour format and brought alisha tyler to do the news. dont get me wrong, the girl can bring the news but i prefer getting my info from mr yago. yummy yum yum.
i nearly choked on my ralphs ice when i saw his amazing mug fly across my tv screen. ah, i finally found a purpose to watching reruns of the inferno II - and its not to see how damn catty those bad ass bitches can be to one another. nope. watching him for those 2 minutes brought back the reasons why i adore him so much. that face. those glasses. his yoda-like knowledge. his dry sarcastic humor. yeah. i got that all in 2 minutes. hes knows how to please.
and his enunciation. his news brief was a tricky one for those who cant enunciate. it was about live 8, not live aid. i dont remember much else of what he said. i was too memerized and stunned at the fact that he was doing the news. ive missed my yago. g g g g yago!


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