Tuesday, June 07, 2005


there are just some channels i overlook. even when i channel surf, i surf with tunnel vision - only focusing on my fave channels (mtv, vh1, e!, nick, disney, the-n, tbs, hbo, food network, and comedy central) - and i only rarely tune into a different station when something sparks my attention (and theres nothing else on tv). ive heard of bravo before. where else would i watch my random eps of queer eye and celebrity poker showdown. but i'll be honest with you, i dont even know what channel number bravo is on my tv. sad right? im surprised at myself for not making bravo one of my faves considering its home to inside the actors studio and the probably soon to be defunct project greenlight (which i actually watched faithfully for their first two seasons on hbo). but after reading a very education article on ew.com about shows to watch this summer, i noticed the ones i would like were on bravo. well, heres the upcoming lineup:

sean hayes has got a project greenlight type show of his own. called situation comedy he is joined by his producing partner todd milliner to find the newest sitcom writer. contestants submitted their work through here and then the number of scripts gets whittled down to 10 semifinalists. after the semifinalists pitch their shows to the pros, the 10 gets cut down to 2 who then get to shoot a 15 minute pilot. the grand prize winner gets $25K plus 1 year representation from either william morris or caa. wowie zowie. im excited. i actually may watch this one. maybe. im guessing its harder to do comedy than lets say horror or drama like the "films" (i use quotation marks to mark my sarcasm) from project greenlight but who knows. its reality tv - anything can happen.

speaking of anything can happen. being bobby brown. bobby, whitney, and bobbi kristina. that poor child. both parents had it all: fame, talent, success, and it all went to d.r.u.g.s. remember, crack is the poor persons drug. if you wanna keep it real, go with the lines. the white lines. ill probably tune into the first ep(if i even remember) and im assuming ill get so scared by them that i wont tune in after that. but who knows, even though i was literally nauseous watching chaotic i still find myself watching the reruns on mtv. damn mtv reruns. they suck you in every time.

and speaking of sucking, the mother of the most famous c*** sucker has a reality show of her own. kathy hilton (mother of paris) is starring in her own reverse simple life called i want to be a hilton featuring 14 hillbillies competing to be a socialite with help from the mrs. mama wants her time in the spotlight too. fighting for attention in that family is outta control. nicky had to get married to some bald guy to get some media coverage her way but when youre up against paris, you just cant win. especially now since shes joined forces with another paris. paris squared.

im most excited for kathy griffin: my life on the d-list. kathy griffin rocks. who didnt love her on celebrity mole?! i love how she knows shes d-list and shes not afraid to embrace it. shes definitely one of my favorite underrated comedians. her and andy dick. you know you love andy dick as annoying as he is. i love andy dick the most when he channels in:
daphne aguilera. naughty baby did a no no. no no.


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