Wednesday, June 08, 2005

a dream movie, eh?

my favorite canadians are hitting the big screen (and no. not tom green or jason priestley - who, lets face it, the big screen has not been so nice to them):

i read it first from the thighmaster who labeled the article link as feels like whenever I hear news about kevin smith, it's bad news. you can imagine the excitement i had this morning when i clicked the link to read that my degrass-ites would be hitting the big screen. the news seems to be true. i checked out another article from dark horizons aboot it and supposedly the shows been getting complaints about it being too racy or whatnot.

i still havent seen the eps of degrassi with k-smith and jay mewes bc the-n is slower than ctv but when those do finally air in the us in july, ill be watching.
mr smith - you better not screw this up like your last film. then again, jlo wont be in this flick but if bennifer 2.0 make an appearance of any kind im gonna have to venture off to red bank myself and go oren-ishii on your ass.


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