Tuesday, June 14, 2005

barker advice

britney. her pregnancy has been the biggest spectacle since... her wedding. but as the months pass by and we get closer to the birth of fetus spears, everyone is starting to think about not brit brit but the unborn child. oh lordy pick a pail of cotton we know this one is gonna be in therapy. i grew up in a regular home with a somewhat regular fam and i go every monday night. this poor child. i bet this one is gonna have his/hers on speed dial. so to help prepare spederline for the birth of her first and his third(that we know of anyway) ew asked travis landon barker, mia tyler, and some child therapist (see, i told you) for some advice to give to the trashtastic parents to be.

mia tyler - daughter of legendary aerosmith front man steve and sister of empire records closet ho liv - gave some good advice for the fetus to soak in. the therapist was a therapist but i liked travs advice the most. i think hes a great parent unlike his wife shanna:

the picture says it all doesnt it. trav looks happy and cute cute cute baby landon is all smiles too. cutest kid. "ma. i think someone likes aspargus." love it. look at atiana. looks so sad and miserable. shes holding onto shanna for dear life. so not surprised though. look at shanna just posing away. she seems like a nice lady but as a mother, she doesnt get a great score. lady sleeps all day, has her help do most of the work and then flies out to see trav on tour instead of staying home with the kids(and her help). ridiculous. travs the man though. always was. always will be.


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