Thursday, May 26, 2005

tommy is a loonie

oh tom cruise and katie holmes. its like enough already, right? i was getting sick of their pda tour so when i heard tom was on oprah to talk about his lady love, i nearly barfed. of course i didnt watch the ep. then again, im not a big oprah watcher - sorry, i have a job that requires me to work during oprah. but after seeing countless pics of tom jumping on top of oprahs couch and kneeling down with a pumped fist, how could i not see this ep. so i quickly picked up the phone, dialed the jamer and went to the peach pit last night to watch loonie tommy and the idol finale.*

i started watching the ep thinking, "how far will tommy go to prove hes not gay?" and finished the ep thinking, "hes not gay. just a loonie toon. loo. nie." oh lordy pick a pail of cotton hes crazy. he still wins nicest celeb ever. you can feel the niceness oozing out of him through the screen. the man always has a smile on his face and just cares and cares and cares. no man that is that nice is straight. its like a rule. but mr cruise is an exception. i think he likes girls, hes just really really loonie about love.

the way they met is so so... hollywood. argh. no they didnt meet through their agents a la jen and brad (rip). tom cruise is more direct than that. supposedly, he had seen a few katie holmes films, liked her work, got her number and said, "hey, i wanna meet you." the rest is history - for all of us to see. blech. so now they are supposedly in love and whatnot. i think tom is enamored by katie (or is a really great actor pretending to be... could be a possibility) and katie likes tom too but is scared by his intense-ness. intensity. intensity in ten cities. live in budokan. (sorry. had a waynes world moment.)

even though 95% of the show was about the happy couple, tom was actually on the show to promote this:

tom cruise and steven spielberg. now theres a force to reckon with. jeepers. like they really need an oprah appearance to get people to go see this.

*damn idol finale. carrie rightfully won. she needs the title. bo kicks major ace! have you seen anyone happier than him while he was performing sweet home alabama with lynard skynard? i didnt think so. he doesnt need the ai title. if anything, it might hurt him. being number two aint so bad. look at clay. exactly.


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