Friday, June 10, 2005

call me mrs g

i have had a crush on him since breaker high but oooooh weeee, those feelings came rushing back last night when i watched him last night at the mtv movie awards:

yummy yummy yummy! yes. i watched him on breaker high which only had one season and it was aired on upn. you know someones hot when you actually drop your remote and stay on that channel. oh, i was heartbroken when the show got cancelled but i knew ryan was great and he would pop up again. besides, they randomly air the show sometimes on wam.

ill be the first to admit that i never saw the notebook. i cant bring myself to watch a film i know for sure ill cry at. especially love stories. i may watch it though after i saw ryan claim his best kiss award with rachel mcadams. the reenactment of their kiss was so awesome. im surprised the camera guys at the show didnt shoot a reaction face from sandra bullock - ryans ex. did people already forget that they were together? they were the demi/ashton couple before demi and ashton made it somewhat acceptable. oh, hes always ahead of his time this one.

one of ryans best work is from the believer where he plays an anti-semitic jew.

not only is he b-e-a-utiful but hes just an amazing actor. this was an obviously troubled and confused character and he played him so well that you hate and feel bad for him at the same time. and also grow a crush on him. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i may need to change my title to ryan gs ho ;)


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