Wednesday, May 25, 2005

revenge of the trailers

i had to. i had to see episode three. yeah, i can barely remember eps 4-6 considering i saw them when i was a frightened little girl back in the '80s. who am i kidding? i barely even remember eps 1&2. im not even sure i saw ep 2 even though i think i did. im sure i did. maybe i did? who knows but i had to see the final flick that glues the others all together.

so youd think the day after watching ep 3 i would have those light saber fights just running through my mind. nope. my mind doesnt work that way - when it does work anyway. no, instead im still frightened by one of the trailers i saw last night. it wasnt even a trailer! it was a commercial for a television series. yeah. did you know they show 20 minutes of commercials before the movie even begins? well, not even the movie but the trailers! so you get sucked into not just coming back to the movies but also tuning into your tv. yeah. its all a money making machine. anyhoo, back to the freaky commercial that scared the bejesus outta me.

i got the same feelings i got when i saw V way back when. oooh. chilly. scary. people being abducted and then coming back to earth to see that life has gone on without them. drama yes but also scary. they always have to have a little girl in it. and this time the little girl can see the future and of course, shit is gonna go down. so scary! as soon as the commercial for this damn show ended, i knew i was gonna have nightmares about it. joinaclub laughed at me and thinks im a loon but hey man, i get scared easily.

oy, watching these commercials and the trailers really made me wonder why i was missing chaotic to see ep 3. i dont regret it though. mtv will be playing reruns of brits crazy life on thursday. gotta love reruns - just not of the 4400. sca-ry!


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