Friday, May 20, 2005

beyonce: dad, youre fired!

mathew knowles

man was fired by his own daughter. damn. i heard it first from perez. beyonce gave her daddy the boot bc he had an alleged affair with one of her dancers. nasty but makes sense. hes been beyonces manager forever. remember destinys child:

yeah. and those outfits were designed by tina "mama" knowles. that fam aint afraid to exploit their little girls. so whats going on with the other daughter? poor solange. i would not want to be beyonces younger sister. not only is her older and only sister super talented, but shes a mega superstar around the world. damn. so solange dealt with being the uglier, less talented sister the only way she knows how - get married and knocked up by a football player. makes sense. shes keeping herself occupied while the hubby brings in the dough. hmmm. maybe i should follow her footsteps. nah. i dont have older sister envy like that. oh lordy. id be in therapy more than once a week if i did. damn.


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