Friday, May 20, 2005

chaotic is nauseating

hold on to your ciggies feddies - you may not be able to afford 'em with your tv money. chaotics ratings were just that - not up to par. hmmm. and i thought the rest of the country was getting just as nauseous as i was watching britneys life.

i dont know what was making me vomit more -

  • the camera movements from brits unsteady hand

  • her disgusting "she needs way more than proactiv" skin

  • or just her cheesestastic self.
  • seriously brit. ive got one word for ya: tripod. i know. those things are so dorky but since i have a little experience using a damn camera - due to my days in broadcast journalism class - i know the tripod can be a wonderful thing. steady shots not only look kickass but you dont make your audience nauseous. seriously, blair witch was also scary because the cameras werent on tripods thus making the viewers ill.

    speaking of ill - ew her skin. ew. ew. ew. ew. i cant stop saying it. ew. ew. ew. i understand why your skin would not be so silky smooth - the pounds of makeup for each concert, appearance, etc... can do a number but please. spare us the close up shots of your face. the zoom button must not be taken advantage of. zoom can be your friend, until it zooms in on your pores. ew. ew. eeewww!

    now i know the britster went to high school for like a day. then she left to become a mega superstar so she was tutored the rest of her education. ive said it once and i will say it again: tutored kids = a strange ass breed. yeah. high school sucks. middle school sucks. school sucks in general but i think every kid has to go through all that crap to become somewhat normal. if you dont interact with other kiddies, youre gonna be a friendless freak. its true. look at this:

    jennifer love hewitt. cute girl. no friends. seriously. she begged a fan of hers to be her friend while she was vacationing. sad sad sad. if youve gotta beg for friends...

    so the britster spent the entire first half of her show asking people what they thought of love and commitment and then the homegirl flies kfed out to london to be with her. she met him for a day. damn. that shit aint bananas. its pathetic. p.a.t.h.e.t.i.c. the man should come a runnin to you. not you fly him out. poor girl.

    so will i be watching the second ep? depends. if i get motion sickness meds before tuesday, im so tuning into the upn. if not, i will be sitting in a nasty theatre for 3 hours to watch the latest installment of star wars. i know. yikes and jeepers.


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