Tuesday, May 24, 2005

snootchie bootchies, eh?

i spoke to my sister yesterday - not joinaclub but the west coaster who will be joining the fam again on the east, way too soon - and she was blabbing on about her trip to palm springs. the girl was gambling with a friend of hers and who else was at their table?

jason "snoogans" mewes. i wouldve been crazy excited and jealous if this happened a few years ago - at the height of my admiration of kevin smith films and all things related - but i was still amused. then, the sis mentions that mewes was wearing a beenie(big surprise!) with a degrassi logo on it! you know me and the degrass. then the wheels in my head started to turn and i realized mewes and smith were in two eps of degrassi. which then made me wonder, when is the new season airing on the-n?

half an hour later, as i was watching an ep of moesha on the-n (the ep was ok but i was watching it for shar "ive been knocked up twice by rat bastard kevin federline" jackson) what do i see but a commercial with my favorite school kids:

i love me my degrassi! the new eps (two with mr mewes and smith) air in july. yay! but to hold me over til then, every friday night in june, i will be at home tuned into the-n watching degrassi: unscripted. yay! each ep follows an actor from the show. i cant wait for the jake epstein/craig manning one.

seriously, if he were a few years older, or if i a few younger... damn damn damn. hes got it all: not too shabby to look at, tall (height is very very important), good musician, great great great actor. the crap craig manning has been through - his mothers death, leaving his abusive father to live with his stepdad and half sis, seeing his father get killed in a car accident, being a two timer and then getting a double dumping, a bi-polar rage fest at ashleys fathers wedding - and jake epstein portrayed each and every crisis so vividly. jake epstein man. hes the man. hes like my other pseudo crush: jake bronstein. mmmm. jake ____ steins are hot.


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