Thursday, May 19, 2005

vonz gets the bronze

the final three is down to two. of course i watched the final three this week - it was conveniently on right before the feddies debut - and i actually voted. but ah, my vote was not enough bc vonz got the boot this week.

her chain of fools was so awesome. she has a great voice but lets face it. if you heard her on the radio, you wouldnt be able to identify that its her. good voice. just not distinctive. vonzie had a good run but i guess it was just her time to go.

carrie underwood. the all american fave. honestly, she put me to sleep. my jaw dropped every time simon didnt accost her for being such a bore. she was my fave in the beginning but the girl stopped "steppin' it up" or "takin' it to the next level" and might i add girlie has packed on a few pounds. jeepers creepers. she must not be gettin' any bedroom cardio since a-fed bounced.

so there only leaves one other person left and who i predict will be the next idol:


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