Tuesday, December 23, 2008

blog before bacon

im ooo til mid jan :) i know. im a lucky ho. and my ooo-ness is legit. fo sho. my office is closed from xmas eve til new years and i took a few extra vacay days. paid vacay days. ah. i feel like a schoolteacher on summer break. and it will feel like summer to me on 1/4. anguilla - tequila - anguilla :) me gets to goes agains! talk about light at the end of a very cold and icy tunnel. bright, warm, "get me so tans" sunlight... with lobster, steak, and uncle ernies hot dogs too :)

yeah. so ive realized i talk like a gosselin kid. ive reverse-aged by 24 years. no im not benjamin button. its just a result of this frigid weather (it really does feel like 9 degrees), my lovely days off, and catching any ep of jon and kate i can. i love those kids. except mady. she be a bitch. she be mega moody. she be kate.

ah but seriously. i actually said these two lines the other night as i sleep-walked the 8 steps from the couch to the bed - me be ti li. me go night night.

i need serious motivation to do anything when the weather is this bad. who wants to go anywhere when you have to concentrate so hard on simple things like walking bc the dry sidewalk-ice block ratio is 5:95. youre better off leaving the apt with a pair of ice skates. and who could forget the temp. bejesus. its just not nice. not nice at all.

anyway, i was talking about motivation. i actually did leave the apt yesterday. and for the best reason ever. to meet my bro for lunch. love that kid. and hes a budding superstar too. are you not a fan of his yet? ridiculous. back to my lunch with the brosef. it was pretty awesome. had some good sibling bonding talk over a nice meal. it was worth bundling up like the kid from a christmas story and taking 2 trains. actually i encountered a double mta omen - both the l and e trains were on the platform as i was carefully rushing down the stairs.

of course when i returned back to the apt, the bf and i did not venture back outside. i even took a 2 hour nap on the couch. i did manage to make some rice krispie treats which i then devoured 3/4 of. awesome. ok, ill consider yesterday a big hibernating bear day. but today. today we will leave la apartamento. i even mentally prepared myself last night for today. oh yeah. i prepped so well that i was crazy single minded this morning.

what was la motivacion? bacon. extra crispy wake n bake n bacon. mmmmmmmmmmmm. but i blogged before bacon. i figured during my time off, ill try to do a live blog. blog whatever motivating thought comes to mind. especially since i have my fun 3g phone :)

so lets try this new live "while im ooo" blog thing. text any special mentions my way. gracias :)

bacon. bacon. bacon. me gonna eats bacons nows =p


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