Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 - was it that great?

so i started out this post with a recap of each month. i only finished up february and then took a break. about a 3 week break. so, here i am sitting in paradise and ive decided to ditch and delete the monthly recaps and just talk about this year in a longass paragraph. so 2008 - was it really that great? it was definitely the year of weddings. i watched 2 good friends, 1 really close friend, and my sister all get married. this year marked the first time i was in a wedding party (bridesmaid for jamie, moh for dee). so from this year alone, i think i just about graduated from wedding university. ive learned dj'd weddings are way more fun than ones with bands. i also know that when its my time, i definitely do NOT want a poofy bottom dress that needs to be bustled bc that just takes time away from the party. ah, lets not forget the dancing skills my man and i have honed throughout the year. i always knew my man can move and please, this mama was a gymnast and a cheerleader so you know ive got rhythm, but i never wouldve thought that our dancing together would be so great that people actually thought it was choreographed and rehearsed (ala ross and monica at dick clarks nye taping). yeah, my man and i are such hams ;) we may start our own business and have people hire us to dance and entertain the crowd at their weddings ala johnny and penny (minus the getting knocked up by scumbag robbie). this year also gave me a big education on love too. my man and i are still great and close but we are not in the honeymoon period anymore. i find myself getting more annoyed and pissy but i find that a good thing. my true (not blinded by love goggles) feelings have been seeping out and the way my man reacts to them surprises and delights me. i cant believe i have someone in my life who always wants to make me happy. even when im being a complete bitch to him. its made me actually look at myself and how i act when im moody. its forced me to communicate how im feeling instead of just sitting and stewing in it (and being a complete biatch). i love my man and i know he loves me too. do you know who else has started to "love" or at least really like my man? my fam. my parents adore and care about him and my sisters have even come around. le join has been cool with him since hes helped her out with gio but dee, i never wouldve thought dee would wave the truce flag but she has. how long that will last, no one knows but at least its peaceful now. my bro is like the swiss. neutral. or maybe hes just being a typical bro. as great as 2008 was, there are always some downsides too. i usually have no idea what the news is talking about when they talk economy but this year its affected everyone! my parents actually CLOSED their dress store. even though i dreaded taking the e train to the very last stop in jamaica to deal with rude and racist customers on the weekends, it was still sad when i worked at joannas on my very last sunday. its strange to never have to go to jamaica ave anymore. its strange to have my parents home ALL the time. it took some time for me to realize that i dont have to wait til the store closes to make dinner plans with them. any time of day, any day of the week, i can call or meet them. who else got affected by the ridiculous rising unemployment rate? my man. i can still remember that monday afternoon, getting that call in my cube at around 5pm. my man casually saying, im out... for good. i thought it was a joke at first. but after a long pause that wasnt followed by a "just kidding" i knew my man wasnt joking. for some reason, i didnt panic. i just figured weve been through tough times before, we'll just get through this too. speaking of tough times, (and i will only mention this briefly), bed bugs. yikes and yikes. although i enjoyed being a pseudo-hipster in billyburg, all i can say is, NO MORE L TRAIN! if there really is a hell, i bet it looks a lot like the l-train between 8:30am- 10am and 5:30 - 8pm. its total i know im not a talkative person but if theres any subject thatll shut me up like a clam its politics. i swear the best meal ive ever had was for my mans bday at peter lugers. it was just me, my man, his bro cory and corys gf at the time. all blabbing about the upcoming election. me, i be taking more and more pieces of steak while they were yapping. by the time there was a break in their convo, half the plate was gone. hehe. so yeah, politics, i dont have much to say but no one can deny that this year was a historic year. OBAMA! and yes i voted. ive voted in every presidential election since '98. this year, my guy actually won. im hoping with b-o in office, 2009 will produce lots of jobs... and a kickin inauguration party. hello beyonce! speaking of pop culture, britney! love love love the circus album (thanks ad for the early download!). shes getting fit and fab but also sad. i watched her documentary. she be like maya angelou - the caged bird sings... not that well but hey she was better known for her hot bod and dancing. not sure if her hair has finally grown back but you know homegirl was always sporting the fake stuff anyway. what else has 2008 brought me? the joy of watching the gosselins. a. the kids are absolutely adorable and entertaining (i wanna babysit them minus mady the biggest bitch ever) and b. jon and kate are bri and di. seriously, its like watching my frantic ocd sister and her calm laid back husband. oh yeah, and the unthinkable happened and the tail end of this year. my man joined crack - i mean - facebook. so now i dont feel as guilty talking about him on the 'net bc hes on it now. whats ahead for 2009? moving back to the do to in may. this time with my man and just 1 bed so the studio will actually look like a studio apt instead of a glorified dorm room. im hoping to have lots of dinner parties there (if people are willing to trek it to fi-di) and possibly become an aunt (go bri and di!). i hope my man finds something he loves to do... besides me of course ;) or just a job that makes him happy. i hope le join finally gets the title she wants and deserves (sous chef le join!) and that the aim finds a man that is good enough for her bc she deserves someone that will treat her right and keep her ridiculously happy... in nyc :) i think everyone else in my life is on a good path. jiller and tom, g-star and chris are in domestic partnership bliss (even if it is in queens, jk). the gormans are chillin (oh yeah, hope you guys sell your apt sooner rather than later) and ad always manages to get back on his feet (in fab shoes too). lets put 2008 behind us and: be divine and fine in 2009!


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