Monday, February 11, 2008


jump! jump for joy! jump for jamie and mike! jump bc its cardio! even though weve all been expecting it, it didnt make it any less exciting when mike popped the question to jamie. he literally spelled it out for her (he proposed during a game of scrabble) and obv! she said yes. im genuinely happy for them but a part of me is even happier bc mike managed to do the impossible, he surprised her. so now is the beginning. the beginning of crazy planning, endless calls from mothers, aunts, cousins, grandparents, friends, etc... and thats just for the couple.

for me, its a double reason to hit the gym and drop that donut. im taking my recent case of the runs as a sign. a sign to stop shoving my fat pie hole with food and start shedding some pounds. plus, everyone around me is losing weight. jamies been on some healthy anti-cough diet that makes her pee in jugs and jillers been hitting the gym so hard she even got my man wondering if she joined nutri-system. got about 8 months to fit into 2 bridemaids dresses. jeepers. gotta jump!

special mention:
me: what are you doing this weekend?
jamie: i gotta pee in a jug all day. ill prolly do that on sunday.

january: national gyno month.


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