Sunday, November 04, 2007

video games vs me

guess whos winning? im so embarassed by the score yet these numbers are what compelled me to write about this. video games: 7, me: 3. only m-f'in 3!!! i even confronted the bastard about my sinking numbers and his response, "hon, im not a machine." well since he is NOT a machine, thats what i had to resort to for a few days. biatch. what mama wants, mama gets.

how silly of me to think that his vidiot time would start to dwindle when, after suffering three long and painful months of ghetto killing and stealing, my man had told me he finally beat grand theft auto san andreas. yes! no more, "im broad. im broad. im broader than broadway!" i never thought this glorious day would come.

argh. but its two weeks later and hes already found another mind numbing game to waste hours on. hours! hours of precious time he could be using on me! like right now. we're both in bed but hes got a freakin ps2 controller in his hands and ive got a keyboard under mine. not how i thought id be spending my lazy sunday afternoon.

ive decided i need a second tv in my apt. a much smaller one. (took a 20 hour break. my man caught me writing this and then my mood went from foul to happy. im so weak!) for him to resort to when his vidiot arm starts itching. then i can watch my glorious shows that he refuses to 'sit through' or spasms at after a period of time that can last from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. yeah. 15 minutes is the longest hes been able to take it.

did fate know id fall in love with a stubborn bastard? it trained me my whole life to be patient and to put the ones i love before me. life is ironic too bc the stubborn bastard is also the one whos been teaching and encouraging me to stand up for myself. to go for what i want. to put my foot down. i dont think he realized id be putting my foot down on him ;)

nah. i love the man. he loves me too. i know he never wants to hurt me. when he caught me writing this (i still havent told him about this blog. im not sure if i should although i do get urges sometimes.) he actually read the last two lines (damn his lasik. hes got like super-vision) and was like, "if somethings bothering you, i want you to tell me." i couldnt stay angry for long. im such a softie. and my numbers have gone up since i started writing this. im a scorpio. i need high numbers.


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