Wednesday, May 03, 2006

to do list: summer 2006 edition

summer is rapidly approaching us. even though its not like january, when we all make resolutions to stick with for the entire year, i usually make myself a mental list of what id like to do during the season of fun. yeah man. doesnt matter what job youve got, the summer always feels different from the rest of the year. now, ive got my usual and obvious list of crap ive got to in the next few months - start up the pilates, keep up my tan, get a job in the city, save up the moolah for my ues apt in august - but i already started a short list of fun things to do during this fun summer.
  • shake shack - seriously, its a travesty i havent been there yet but the weekends always have ridonculous lines wrapped around the park and then some. i love me my shack burgers but the waiting in line. jeepers creepers. i think im gonna have to take a personal day from work soon to spend a day with burgers in the park.

  • concerts: idol style - i never wouldve thought i would actually say, "i will go to the idol concert this year with you, jamie" but i did. the saddest part is is that i actually want to go. ok the saddest part is is that im admitting that i want to go. this seasons finalists are really good though. and theres ace. seriously, i would pay just to watch ace sing father figure for two hours. mmmmmmmm. but thats not the only concert on my summertime agenda. miss clarkson is doing her addicted (which happens to be my fave song on her breakaway album) tour and is stopping at jones beach. the best idol and the best idol season. let the sing along begin!

  • rich bitch weekend - i wanna relive my tanning days from the bahamas in new york this summer. just a weekend in the hamptons or dare i say, fire island. a weekend of tanning, smoking, drinking, smoking. i just bought a new bathing suit a few days ago and i need another excuse to wear my fabulous white dress... and my blue floppy hat. hell, ill settle for a pool as long as i get to drive there in my convertible. im such a cheesy summer ho.

  • dirty ho weekend - venture off to the dirty boroughs. take in a yankee game. have a ti li day at the bronx zoo. scrape up some courage and ride the cyclone in coney island. and i know this isnt a borough but its the dirtiest skankiest place of the summer: the jersey shore. ive never been to the cheese infested jersey shore that ive seen on mtvs true life but the beach i have been to (the red bank exit) wasnt too shabby. i wouldnt mind spending another schlenoff bday in that jersey sun.

  • hot hot harold - seriously, hes like my new hot doc hero. the finale of top chef isnt for another few weeks, they pick the winner apprentice style so no one knows whos won yet, but he is from new york. and hes tre yummy. besides, new york is like one of the food capitals of the world. im sure he'll be in town for one reason or another. hot hot harold research is definitely on my agenda this summer. im starting by watching reruns of top chef. yummy yum yum.

lets see how many of these i actually accomplish. one things for sure, independence day will come this year but not on 7/4 but 8/1. ues here i come. manhattan will soon be able to get a taste of my rapist wit and smoldering beauty ;) man, my stuff must be laced with happy powder. did someone switch my cup with paulas?

special mention:
"next time, shred it twice!"

-pepper dennis (rebecca romijn)


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