Thursday, March 16, 2006

rant and reflection

rant: jamie, its all your fault - a cyclical story with a slightly frightening ending

it all started last night. i realized this is the first season of idol that i have watched this intently from the beginning (the top 12 is the beginning. anything before that is just time filler.) so anyway, i wasnt gonna watch the show and even went to best buy around 8pm but jamie called me while i was at the store and girlie convinced me to watch. of course, we called each other as soon as ace was put in the bottom 3. anyhoo, after we were relieved by the results, we started talking vacation. destination: who cares we just want all inclusive place with sun sun sun. she started looking online and i said goodnight and just went to bed.

so when i got to work today, i did my usual morning routine: read my email, do a little work and then read my daily goss. after i went to my usual sites i had this pounding feeling to start looking up vacations. even though my tax check wouldnt be able to cover half the price, i deserve one. a soak up the sun and the only complaint i would have would be the distance from my beach blanket to the bar type of vacation. so i looked this morning and jamie looked this afternoon when she got home.

got a call from her late afternoon and we searched together. of course, doing anything with jamie, we start busting out rent. and yes i was in my office. yes the one that i share with 12 other people. and no, that is not an exaggeration. so while we were singing i thought, hmmm ill listen to rent during my drive home.

so i get in my car and turn on the radio. check up on it plays so i keep it on. yeah i know so not me but i like singing along to the chorus. it has the same effect as singing along to mariahs we belong together. the fast but not so fast rap/singing. yeah, im a cheese. anyway, then it goes to a preview of the songs theyll play after the commercial break and its james blunt "beautiful", rihanna "sos" (which is becoming a fave of mine. again. so not me.), and that horrible song they play when the kick someone off idol "had a bad day." ew. i got so disgusted and remembered oh yeah, rent cd!

i turn on the cd player in my car and the kelly clarkson cd i was listening to this morning starts to play. so i decide to keep it on the kells and bust out. kelly clarkson songs are the best to sing in the car. not karaoke. scary. anyway, so im busting out and singing and singing and then i start to get a little sad. why? idols not on tonight. yikes. i think ive been spending too much time with jamie.

reflection: chronic single

ive got great friends. theyre awesome. without them, id be the biggest loser. but seriously, my friends are just straight up good, kickass, amazing people. makes me wonder why they like hanging out with me so much. yes ive got a rapist wit and brilliant mind that everyone would love to pick but what makes me so wonderful to hang out with. spend quality time with. maybe its 'cause im the chronic single.

yeah man. chronic (and no, not the green stuff although that thought did cross my mind as i typed the word in) single. 25 years, 0 boyfriends. sad. youd think id be a miserable m-fer to be around but lately, ive been the life of party. ok that part nots true but i have been staying out later and going home not wanting to kill myself. improvement. im not miserable, if anything, people love it when im in their presence. my chronic singleness has got advantages.

you want the truth? can you handle the truth? ill give you the truth because im an outsider who doesnt care about your boyfriends feelings and will tell you like it is. fine, if you ask me if you look fat in something, im gonna tell you no way (lie or not). if its a boyfriend issue, im gonna tell you the truth and tell you hes an asshole. when it comes to couple problems, im like a therapist. emotionally detached and ready to give you the straight up facts.

lovey-dovey. cross those words off the list of words to describe me. being a chronic single, you cant nauseate your friends with the gushy stories of your cutesy-wootsey boyfriend doing all this happy sappy crap for you. my reaction to people like that (in the words of gayliestar) go kill yourself.

wanna go out? who you gonna call??? me. because i have no plans. im always ready for a night out on the town. im a good clutch girl too. obviously theres a reason why im a chronic single so you can go out with me and not worry about me snatching your boytoy. i guarantee he'll check you out before or even if he does look at me. always works that way. thats when you can find me in the dark corner with some chronic. (you know i had to reference it one more time before this ends.)

do i want to be or even like being a chronic single? no. but im gonna have fun while i do carry the title. if only i can get a few distractions that could make me even think i wont be a cs anymore. that would be nice too. in the meantime, im looking up vacations. all inclusive!

vacation special mention:
cassie: donde esta? ill teach you spanish when we get there.
jamie: i know what donde esta means. i know spanish. casa. casa and casa.

jamie, remember to bring my cell phone charger. see you at beni!


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