Monday, March 20, 2006

booked and booked

a vacation. a real vacation. its booked. i cant believe it. the moment after jamie and i booked it, i felt like a different person. funny how having a vacation to look forward to can be so overwhelming. can you blame me for being a little cautious? my first attempt ended up being a natural disaster (literally) and the second is what id like to call a really cool trip as opposed to a vacation. im the aim and i wouldve had a blast on our carnival cruise but mother nature had other plans for us. california with my brosef and pseudo brosef was "hella" fun (sorry, i had to add some cheese cali lingo) but of course the week i was in sunny la, the sun didnt want to come out to play. so this is it. a real deal the only thing on the agenda is sun sun sun type of vacation. awesome! but before i let my inhibitions run wild in the bahamas (all inclusive, meals, drinks, the whole shebang!) there are a few things i have to worry about:

the hot boys. im sure the island will be swarming with hotties. we are going in april, hottest spring break time ever... for high schoolers. i must remember that the last time i was in the bahamas was 8 years ago when i was in high school so most the boys that will be there will probably be just that, boys that are 8 years younger. must control my cradle robbing hormones. besides, i dont want to end my vacation with my picture on the side of milk carton. two words: natalee holloway.

drinks + sun = head in bucket. yeah man, i learned the hard way when i was on my last vacation (must i remind you, 8 years ago). we arrived at our hotel early afternoon and i went straight to the beach and downed the first fruity alcoholic beverage. after some loser from our high school tried to talk us girls, i went straight to the bar for another drink except the sand below my feet started to get all wobbly. oh yeah, i didnt eat anything that day, drank alcoholic and laid out in the sun for an hour or so. jiller had to walk me back to our room. yikes. note to self: hit the buffet before hitting the bar.

oh, we're halfway there! o-oh, livin' on a prayer... that idol airs in the bahamas. we're there when the gang goes from 7 to 6. will we be basing our dinners plans on around the show? if you know me and jamie then you know the answer is hands down yes! i hope cingular text messages work from paradise island. ace will need our votes!

so i have 4 weeks to get my bod into im walking around in a two piece and dont look like a lardass hotness. i started today with 30 minutes of yoga with the madre. i also watched the cabo ep of laguna beach to get me pumped. speaking of, is mtv waiting for season 3 and the hills to air before they release the season 2 dvd? i cannot wait to own the drama and stupidity that is jessica and jason, and really, the whole 'guna gang. 'cause perfect, didnt seem so perfect.

ps - kristin cavallari has got the greatest publicist in the world. shes really making her 15 minutes stretch. if i had more energy, id write a whole post about it.

special mention:
random cant hardly wait quote
foreign exchange "sex ma-chine" student: chee-tah. rawr. (with the claw hand)

shout out messages
adam, i hope your brother is feeling better. we must get together this week. shake shack and idol perhaps?

aim, weekend, weekend, how was your weekend? we also must get together this week. got a "special" gift for you.


Blogger NYC Publicist said...

thanks for the shoutout cass! we are DEF going to do shakeshack soon. i can smell the burgers grillin from here...mmmm....

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