Monday, November 21, 2005


thanksgiving. once my favorite holiday. a day that revolves around a huge meal, how could it not. but now the thought of a meal with my entire family gives me the heebie jeebies. makes me lose my appetite. im really looking forward to thanksgiving this year. im celebrating it the best way possible: benihana with joinaclub and ich. good food and good sibs. gives me a chance to reflect on what im thankful for. ok fine, im lying. thanksgiving this year is a much needed break from the everyday 9-5 life. seriously, this morning, a monday morning, i actually wasnt entirely pissed to get out of bed. why? because i have a 2 1/2 day work week. best week!

thanksgiving only means the holidays are tomorrow. let the winter poundage begin. im glad im starting mine with a nice hibachi meal. this holiday season is different from the rest. right now id be making my wish list while making another list of gifts i want to buy for fam and friends. this year ill be thinking about my vacation to cali with the brosefs! yes bitches, the cass is finally going on a much needed vacay. for real. renting a car, stocking up on cheeb, its gonna be a cheech and chong oc vacay! i have to watch my poundage now so i can mu-mu-mu-muunch when i get to the west side.

as for the near future, like this weekend, im excited. im not rented out yet. im getting really psyched to see the movie. i think the bust out at jamies really got me going. i wanna see rent, i wanna do karaoke, hmmm, karaoke with rent songs. this weekends possibilities are endless.

special mention: burning sensation just confirmed!
sorry jamie. its late and i cant think of a witty special mention.


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