Friday, November 25, 2005

happy THINKsgiving

thats no typo. i think this holiday should be changed to thinksgiving bc this time of year brings a lot of thoughts. yes, its a time to be thankful but being thankful requires thinking and with my mind, that could be dangerous. surprisingly, i havent had the suicidal downward spiral that i usually get when i sit back and reflect on my life. i even had people bring up the two biggest "challenge" questions of my life and i answered them with poise and self esteem. jill r would be so proud.

the first "challenge" would be of course the "why am i still living at home/when am i moving to the city" question which arose during my thanksgiving eve night out. i get this question often but usually from people who realize how kickass i am. hmmm, another self esteem boost. this question usually gets me down. makes me feel like a loser. but now i realize that sometimes when people ask me that question its bc they want me to live in the city so my awesomeness can be closer to them. ooh, happy thought. (must be from watching hook tonight. wheres the fairy dust so i can fly.) besides, i also realized that a lot of people living in the city are students living on mommy and daddys money. i may be living under mommy and daddys roof but the dough i spend is earned by m-e me. awesome, im not a grub. besides, ive got a plan. i already have a roomie (kickass victoria whos a toker and likes to cook. a lot. best roomie!), im getting a savings account in january so i can spend what i want during my holiday shopping and i even have a snazzy slogan for a sign to hang up above the couch/futon/spare bed thingy ("ass, grass, or cash" occupancy aint free bitches!)

the second "challenge" question was brought up by my parents, surprise surprise. the "why dont i have a boyfriend" question. i answered my father by saying i havent found a guy whos good enough for me. seriously, when i did i get all high self esteem like? anyway, for some reason this got my parents all crazy-like thinking i may be a lesbian. then they changed the subject (bc people can be gay, just not their children) to the fact that im picky. i have to just give people a chance. i am picky but that statement derives from the fact that i bailed on two attempted blind dates arranged by my father and my cousin to meet my cousins friend. the thought of the date not only gave me the heebie jeebies but literally and physically made me nauseous. so since those bail outs, im considered to be picky and snooty for not going on blind dates. im all for blind dates, just not ones arranged by (and that actually thrill) my parents. theyre itching for grandkids but they should start scratching around their daughter who lives with her boyfriend and whos also pushing 30. ew. pregnancy makes me think of alien. im so not ready to have some living thing growing inside me. ew. so freaky!

so wednesday was a crazy night out. brought out a lot of special mention worthy quotes but most importantly, it was a lot of fun times. it started with rent bust outs in the car with jamie, matt and alex. then a rushed pregaming sess at jamies bc "special" jay just had to get to the man (aka the manchester aka the worst bar ever) asap so he can attempt to get some ass from a girl who looks like a mix between a skinny dog and skinny horse (attractive... NOT!), singing random 2gether songs with eddie man while waiting for jiller to arrive, betting jamie that no one will show up to karaoke (i still owe you a dime jam), dk and the introduction of his sister the vp (and that is not short for vice prez), and finally some late night karaoke in k-town. oh yeah, and as thurgood would say, "i got some booty. i got some booty." the rest of the holiday has been spent at home. thinking surprisingly good thoughts. yeah, i still live at home, i still dont have a boyfriend. im basically a 1 out of 3 but its ok. ive got a plan and rent still on my mind. im excited to see the movie on sunday with the girls. until then, ill just keep singing another day to myself. no day but today!

"special" jay special mention:
jay hails a cab to after he rushes jamie and me out of her apt.
jay: cabman! take us to the man, cabman.
this explains why hes so special.

"vp" special mention:
after mysteriously fighting with the female and very irish bartender
vp: i never wanna punch someone in the vagina but i wanna punch hers.
and shes supposedly quieter than dk.

eddie man special mention:
a few minutes after our arrival at the man
jamie: cass, have a beer.
eddie: she cant she'll turn red.
jamie: how do you know that?
cassie: hes a doctor.

a fun first wives club reference


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