Sunday, November 20, 2005

weekend update - busy doing nothing

rent. yes its still on my mind. after watching the play, having a "live in the moment" themed session with jill r, and listening to the rent soundtrack non stop in my room and car, i decided to have a "no day but today" attitude towards my jam packed weekend. carpe diem. seize the day. i vowed to actually go to all the things i had planned. to not ditch last minute. with the help of my friends and joinaclub too, i did everything that was on my weekend list. went everywhere i was supposed to go. since i had so many travels, im a major ti li. with exhaustion creeping up behind me, here are the highlights of my busy weekend... doing nothing.

  • bought kickass boots for only $60!
  • shs '98 mock reunion at the stanton social. old friends, new record: stayed at a nyc bar for over 2 two hours consecutively and it wasnt anyones bday.

  • saw harry potter with joinaclub. i didnt fall asleep and actually enjoyed the movie. that cedric is a cutie. cho is gonna be such a skank in the next movie.
  • rent bust out, wings, beer, skanky boots. just another pregame sess at jamies. uuuuuunnnnnnnbreak my heart... brrrrrrriiiing back those nights when i held you beside me.
  • got to dustins bday aka shs '98 mock reunion pt 2, nearly vomited, said hello/goodbye to dustin, went back to jamies - all under an hour. cab ride to the bar: $2. walk back to jamies: $0. remembering why you hated high school: painful but priceless.

  • road trip! destination: red bank. nice easy drive to south jersey. line for jay and silent bob do degrassi dvd signing was not so easy... to look at or stand in. after an hour, we bid adeiu to red bank and our chance to meet jake epstein. as roger would say, "another daaaaayyyyyyy."

tonights special mention quote comes from someone who i guess needs a special mention or a special intro because hes a special person ("dawn, special people equals retarded"). actually, the special quote says it all:

"special" jay and jamie
jamie: do you know cassie has a blog? she writes about her life.
jay: oh really, i bet it says, "i went out tonight. it sucked. jay came out with us. he sucks."
cassie: oh, have you read my blog before?


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