Wednesday, November 16, 2005


my posts havent been quality lately. so until i get inspired to write a quality post (the latest being faith in fate), im just gonna post some daily special mentions so i dont leave my readers with absolutely nothing. i dont know when ill get inspired next. thats how inspiration works. sporadically and unexpectedly. so, i had an urge to watch my 2gether dvd and even though ive seen the movie numerous times, every time i watch it, the most random scenes will crack me up. so without further ado...

2gether special mention:
spelling bee before 2gethers first performance
moderator: the word is susurrus

contestant: can i get that in a sentence
moderator: the sentence is: "hey man, check out that susurrus."

susurrus definition.


Anonymous diane said...

ah i remember those days when you used to be boy band crazed and mtv obsessed. belting max martin lyrics while dancing to darren hanson's choreographed times man.

8:00 PM  
Anonymous diane said...

your former crush can sing and rap, what great qualities, you really know how to pick em don't you. meanwhile, i think i had a crush on the fat one, remember? no joke. and he's not only fat, he can't sing either, totally useless..go figure.

8:04 PM  

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