Sunday, November 13, 2005

rent-rific weekend

bday dinner, bday party, sleepover at the peach pit after dark, crazy apt rent story, fun bkfst at normas, rent the bway play, sushi dinner, crap ass bar, crazy ganj, jo and the city, shopping at trader joes, new ep of greys. thats my weekend in a nutshell. since its almost midnight and ive had a fun and exhausting weekend, all i want to do is hop in my bed. i dont want to disappoint my readers though so i am going to give some highlights of the weekend. what me and jamie like to call special mentions.

special mention #1 - after gayliestars bday party, i drove the aim, sha and jamie back to murray hill. first stop, the aims. as i pulled over on the east side of 2nd ave, sha and aim warned jamie(she sat shotgun in my two door car) to be careful when opening the car door. jamie said she knew what she was doing, opened the door, stood up and then... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! i thought jamies body would be laying limp on the ground be 3 blocks away and my car door would be lying on the floor. luckily the slowing car curved away and everyone and my car stayed in one piece.

special mention #2 - jiller get some pepper spray. remember the survival tips jo and i gave you.

special mention #3 - RENT! no day but today. one song, glory. seriously, amazing play. now i fully understand why the girls were and still are so obsessed. the whole experience made me a big ball of emotions. most of the time i was fighting back tears. the first tears i was fighting back was out of true happiness and appreciation of the awesome friends i have that took me to see this. i will never forget how i felt when jiller and i met jamie underneath the huge rent sign. best surprise revelation feeling ever! thanks jiller and jamie. then i let the tears flow when the play itself got sad as there are sad storylines. then i got depressed because i dont have a true love like some of those characters do. then jamie and jiller got my feelings back up reminding me that im awesome, people can and do love me. rollercoaster of emotions hence jill rs meds suggestion.

special mention #4 - my brosef is awesome. best kid. thanks for the great gift. lets just say im happy mon.

special mention #5 - mazel tov jamie! call me after work today. got lots to discuss.

this weekend was based on rent. the play. jillers safety. my apt hopping from gaylies in astoria, to jillers scary building, to jamies safe (dorm-like) haven in the hill. where do i want to live? why does everything in life have such a price? what a crazy weekend. busy weekend. city weekend. rent-rific weekend.

mini special mention - time warner center. columbus circle. why i would love to live on the west side. right next to central park. great great stores. so purty. mama cass needs a sugar daddy. a west sider.

special mention quotes of the weekend
- i cant believe i saw rent! YAY for JAMIE! SPECIAL MENTION!


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