Thursday, November 10, 2005

leading man

so i was daydreaming last night. daydreaming about being interviewed either on a talk show or by a magazine. im famous in it but its weird because in my daydream, i dont even know what im famous for. am i a slutty actress? a critically acclaimed writer? reality tv whore? i just dont know. so during the interview, i was asked who my favorite actor is. what guy makes me get out of my house and into a theatre because his new movie is out. yeah, i dont have one. and that made me kinda sad. some girls are cruisazy, some are matt girls, others are (or were since the jlo fiasco) ben girls, some are die hard brad pitt-ers. me. ive got no one. eh. there are up and coming hot actors like jake gyllenhaal, heath ledger, and even a few years ago, freddie prinze jr. none of them tickle my fancy. the older ones i mentioned before just seem that to me, older. eh. how sad is that. i dont even have a celebrity crush.

gideon was my latest diehard celeb crush but i havent seen him do the news in weeks and before that time, months. even so, my heart doesnt pitter patter when i hear his voice anymore. the crush on gideon is officially close to dead. how i can i not think hes hot. that face. its purty.

before that was alex solowitz aka mickey parke. i was so anti 2gether when the movie debuted but after i watched it (how could i not), i fell in love. hes all wrong for me too, has a lisp and a gap in his teeth but still, i yearned to be mickey ps ho. then michael "qt mcknight" cuccione died and so did the band. they had great songs though. i cant believe i went out with a klep-to-ma-ni-ac!

throughout high school i had crazy crushes. like on the border but i totally crossed the border stalker length crushes. what can i say, i love the athletes. pretty boy rich athletes to be exact. crushes made my high school days go by that much faster. just a glimpse of the hotness gave me enough adrenaline to last through the day. if he even looked my way, thats fuel for the week! i was totally that girl you see in movies who squeals after her crush says hi to her. oh, crushes were fun.

so maybe this is why im kinda bummed. i dont have a fun crush to giggle about throughout the day. i dont even have a backup celeb crush to read about in my glossies. this makes me feel kinda old. do crushes have to end when school does? i guess there are office crushes but they seem so forbidden because office relationships are so risky. hmm, the forbidden part kinda makes office crushes seem more appealing. im working in the wrong office. no crush-worthy dudes. where have all the heartthrobs gone?


Anonymous diane said...

you failed to mention brian from bsb. how dare you! you were crazy, crazy, crazy in love with him for years!

10:55 PM  

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