Tuesday, August 23, 2005

cruisin' and losin'?

havent been on a real vacation in years! years i tell ya! the last real vacation i took was back in the senior year - of high school! so you can tell how very very very very very very very (one very for each year its been) excited i am. ive had a countdown since we booked the damn trip. the aim and i are going on a carnival cruise and we leave tomorrow night. the thought of it just makes me smile and wanna jump and up and down. there is a down side though. im gonna be missing out. missing out on not one but two tv hits! i know im a loon but parting with my shows is like parting with a loved one. its sacred. so what am i missing:

degrassi bitches! not just any old ep of degrassi but the season finale. i knew last weeks ep was part one of a two part-er but i had no idea the part two would be the finale. and my poor craig. he runs away after ashley declares some space between them and he gets beaten the f*&% up! i know there are always repeats but i better be snogging with a cutie on the boat friday night or else my mind will wander to what to is happening up north in canada. carnival better treat me right!

sunday night. if you dont know what on sunday night you must be living in a cave or must be blind and deaf. this thing is so hyped up its ridiculous but then again, anything that is linked to the newly named diddy has be to hyped to the max. you know what im talking about:

the damn vmas! and it will be in miami again. too bad our boat doesnt dock in miami until the next day. maybe we will be able to see stars who party til 6 in the mornin. (r kelly anyone?) although the 2002 vmas will always hold a special place in my heart (jiller and i were seatfillers and sat behind avril) i think my fave of all time was the 9.9.99 vmas. it was held at lincoln center and hosted by chris rock. it was britneys first performance ever. bsb performed larger than life (not my fave but still good) and *nsync did their performance with britney. it was the peak of boy bands. my favorite vma performance will always be britneys strip tease at the '00 vmas. damn! xtina tried to upstage her by bringing fred durst up on stage with her. no one can mess with the body of brit. well the body of brit circa '99-03. after jtim dumped her ass her bod went from hot to not in two seconds. well i blame her weight gain on kfed and cheetos.

anyway, i didnt even watch last years vmas. who moves them to miami honestly. it was so skankass cheesalicious i had to boycott it but this year, since im missing it, of course i want to watch it. and im sure i can when i get back from my trip. its mtv. theyll repeat it 'til june (when the movie awards are usually on). i just want to see how fabulous diddy can make it this year and if gwen stefani will actually show. supposedly she is peeved that she wasnt asked to perform and may boycott the thing all together. ooh. celeb drama. what would we (i) do without it?!

anyway if you have a few g's in your pocket, you can always purchase tix to the event and watch all the glory in person. i bet itll be better watching it from the comfort of your own couch but as the saying goes, "to each his own".


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