Monday, August 22, 2005

denise fleming is NOT a tampon

of course i absolutely fall in love with a show when i watch its series finale. yup, series finale, not season, but series. but thats how slow i am. even at the urging of my friends, who are die hard fans, i refused to come into the city for their six feet under sunday nights. i now of course am slamming my head against the wall for not listening to them but hey, thats what repeats are for right. and you know a show is great when you can gain an emotional attachment to characters you barely know. shed a tear or two with them during some bad times (and with a show about death, you know there are a lot of them). and the acting is quite superb. so superb in fact that when i watched my all time favorite hbo program - entourage - i thought the ep was just sub par. even my man ari gold wasnt doing it for me last night. oh six feet under, youve got me under your spell.

i cant get into the whole ep, and no, not to spoil it for the unfortunate people who didnt catch the finale. its because then this post would take up a page and a half and too much energy for me to delve into. but i do have to express my astonishment for lauren ambrose who plays claire. someone please hand this girl an emmy or a golden globe. all the actors on this show are amazing but miss ambrose is just.... i have no words. seems like it was only yesterday she was playing denise "denise fleming is a tampon" fleming in cant hardly wait. then again, that yesterday was about 7 years ago, the year i graduated from high school. damn, time flies and man am i getting old.

so if youre so curious as to what happened on this fabulous ep, ew has a great review, as it does for most of my favorite shows. i will spill one thing though, the rumors were true and everyone dies but the way they did it was just... best show! answered every question but one which is (and im quoting michael slezak from ew here): "is it just me, or is maggie totally pregnant with nates baby?" no fisher is a tampon!


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