Tuesday, June 28, 2005


so these past few weeks, ive been glued to my tv every weeknight at 9pm and not for a show on my usual faves - mtv, vh1, the-n, food network, e! - no siree bob. youd be surprised as to what ive been tuning into. ive shocked even myself, my fam, everyone!

yes. its korean programming. so last week, the fam actually had dinner in the same place at the same time. a little bizarre but surprisingly pleasant. my mother usually watches her korean dramas after dinner so instead of going to the gym, i sat down with jo and mom and started watching. it wasnt the sad faces that caught my attention but the subtitles. i know. i should be ashamed of myself bc i have to read the subtitles when i should be able to understand what theyre saying without 'em. hey man. i use the subtitles as a reinforcement for what i already think theyre saying but anyhoo, damn the dramas.

its sad for young women in korea who get married. they get hitched and then end up living with their in-laws. not a fun life. even though this drama entertains me so, it also makes me appreciate being an american. thanks mom and dad for coming to the states those 20 some odd years ago. without their corageous trip, i wouldnt be the fun care-free, person i am today and i also wouldnt be deathly afraid of marriage. not that im looking to get tied down any time soon but if i were to get married over there across the pacific, id be on suicide watch. jeepers. who knew the states would actually keep me from killing myself. ah freedom. gotta love it.


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