Monday, June 20, 2005

tomkat = bennifer 3.0 or demishton 2.0

oh tomkat. i try not to write or even think about them. we all saw it coming, they even dropped (or exploited) hints at us but i think everyone was still shocked (and probably disgusted) by the announcement of their engagement. their over the top pda and quickie engagement can only make us wonder one thing:

will tomkat turn into bennifer?

scary thought but as long as there is no gigli or even jersey girl in the future (i havent seen either bc i like my eyes too much to put them in a situation that will lead me to want to gauge them out with any sharp object thats near me), let 'em do what they want. oh, if theres a pink diamond on ms holmes finger or if tommy starts cruising (haha. i didnt even do that on purpose) katie around in a bentley, im gonna have to send them a warning letter with the gigli and jersey girl dvds attached.

besides. the more i think about, tomkat has a lot more in common with demishton. the reasons are:
1. whats a decade or two. oldies (tom and demi) with the youngens (katie and ashton)
2. religion is key. scientology and kabbalah. the oldies convinced their young lovers to convert. now thats the power of love (or a cult)
3. its all in the family. katie met cruises kids after only dating tom for a few weeks. ashton is around the willis girls so much they call him mod (my other dad)
4. couples bliss. demishton have been all smiles since they got together and tomkat have been more than just all smiles for the cameras.
5. its a business perk. so it was a big deal that demi made her big screen comeback in charlies angels full throttle but it wouldnt have been such a spectacle if mr kutcher werent right by her side. and lets face it, kelso wouldnt have gotten as much hollywood cred if he werent banging demi (especially since she looks the best shes ever looked). katie holmes wouldve always been known as joey potter but now its not just dawsons creek fans that know her name. as for tom cruise, extra publicity never hurts this man. especially right before his summer blockbuster comes out.
6. height difference. demishton = cute. tomkat = embarassing. maybe its bc my mom badgered the image of the man being taller than the girl into my head but yeah. maybe katie should get tommy some platform shoes as an engagement gift. dont want to look completely ridiculous at the altar do you. if you make it there anyway.


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