Thursday, June 30, 2005

do i want to SEE that?

ah. its back. sunday nights on hbo. true, theres no more sex, but theres always entourage followed by lisa kudrows the comeback. im really starting to like lisas character valerie cherish.

yeah. the show has gotten mixed reviews. i like it though and heres why:

  1. the damn pose: she does that pose you see above with a little bod nod every time she gets applauded and when she leaves the writers room. part asian-like, part "im such a nice and respectful" actress, its annoying and funny at the same time.

  2. "note to self: i dont wanna SEE that?": catchy phrases. i love 'em. i love 'em more when theyre bad and repeated over and over again. i love the scene when valerie is rehearsing the line over and over again while having a snack, or two, or three, and then saying the line over and over again as she leaves the kitchen. classic.

  3. valerie is no phoebe: not that i have anything against phoebe. who can hate phoebe "regina falangie" buffay but valerie cherish is a character all on her own. maybe its bc shes been outta the biz for a while. her naiveness mixed with her ego is just so entertaining. plus, seeing how far she'll go just to be back - like adopting a puppy she doesnt even want - is sad and hilarious. man, i love these combo of emotions this show brings out.

  4. room and bored writers HATE valerie: one of them still tries to be nice to her while the other cant stand ms cherish and her "i was a huge star" ego. so great. he blatantly ignores her comments and ideas when she is unhappy with a line she has to say. so the spiteful writer changes the line to something completely indecent just to see her squirm as she says it. i love mean people.

  5. the dumb blonde has my name: not really but juna is valeries co-star on room and bored and her characters name is cassie. who lives with her aunt sassy. rhyming names.

  6. this isnt your average hbo show: gotta love hbo bc of their original programming and let me tell you, if this aint original, i dont know what is. i think the reason why people cant get into it is bc its so different therefore a little hard to follow. my favorite scenes are of valerie in her everyday life. her relationship with her businessman husband, her spoiled bitchy stepdaughter, and her frightened housekeeper.
so do i want to SEE this every sunday. i think so. its on right after entourage. its nice to watch a middle aged has been actress trying to make it back into the biz after watching a young hot shot actor trying to stay in the biz. the damn biz. gotta love it.


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