Wednesday, May 11, 2005

so hot they keep cheatin'

so im sure youve heard already. i heard it first at perez hiltons site which btw is climbing up to the number one fave blog o' mine spot - currently its being held by trent aka pink. crazy. so yeah. the natl inquirer supposedly has pics of a man that is not jtim kissing miss diaz. so so great! ive been waiting for this day but alas, this rumor is supposedly false. heres a look at cammies pseudo other man:
not too shabby. but hes married with a child. of course. name: shane nickerson - who also has a blog of his own. everyones bloggin'. anyhoo, hes the producer of cammies mtv show and thats how the rumors started flying.

oh jtim. i truly believe hes so amazing(-ly good looking that is) that his girls go nuts about the thought of losing him therefore do the cheating before he can/will. i know, its sick but girls are loony. lets take a look:

young love. aint it sweet. we all know the love in this relationship was 70-30: brit-jtim. totally. the britster would always gush about her perfect man while you knew deep down justin was with her just bc shes britney spears - mega superstar. i bet he was always looking for a way to escape and was relieved (but probably still a little hurt) when britster banged wade. mmmm. i dont blame her. so what did sir justin do? made millions from his "heartache". im sure he was aching. aching with janet, alyssa, jenna, and then miss diaz.

im sure he was happy to be with her at first. her career just got really really superhot from the charlies angels flicks but like all hot chicks, im sure she got annoying. that dumb laugh. that bitchy attitude. it can get to a person. so much that the love ratio between these two is probably at 85-15: cam-jtim. hehe. but history does tend to repeat itself and what happens: off the heels of wedding rumors, the cammie and shane nickerson rumors start popping up.

i love it! jtim is so damn hot he drives his women to cheat on him therefore not only does he get out of a relationship with a clingy annoying ass chick, but the blame goes to the girl instead of him. dont let his good looks deceive you. hes a genius.


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