Friday, May 06, 2005

paula hearts contestants w/fros

i know. i went from ignoring this season to posting about this damn show as if my life depended on it. im a loon. but i cant get enough. now we all know the ai scandal thats been floating around the news. paula loves her men:

randy - theres no chance. the guys she goes for look like this:

pseudo white boys w/fros. shes loves 'em.

so justin "sideshow bob" guarini denies any sexual relations with the ai judge but corey clark is running with his story of trysts in her hot tub and whatnot. a money hungry contestant who got the boot for getting arrested. i missed his prime time special (which i will hopefully watch soon courtesy of jamie and her dvr box) but the boy was on howard stern this morning so of course i tuned in during my commute to work. corey clark wants justice. ok, i made that up but here are the facts. the boy got arrested for allegedly hitting his sister and the charges were dropped. so what happened to corey clark? he got the boot while he was among the top ten during season two. ok. fine.

now this season, two contestants were also arrested - one for hitting his girlfriend and the other for cocaine and marijuana possession. were these fellas arrested? nope - they both made it to the top 5. the nerve!

the girlfriend beater

the toker/coker - haha

im not saying what coreys doing is right but damn you people at fox and ai, stick with your policies man. if youre gonna give one arrested guy the boot, send the others packin' too!


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