Friday, May 06, 2005

posh = barf

the things i do for friends. seriously. i love my friends. i would do anything for them. even step foot into a place that makes me want to upchuck with every step i take. and i did just that last night to celebrate jays bday. in true cass-style tradition, i stayed for about 30 minutes which believe me was about 29:59 longer than i thought i would stay. i should have known how nauseating this place would be when the jiller and i checked out the website for this place to get directions. plus, the girls that jay and his buddies like are ones who would go to this bar/club.

ew. green lights. ew. its a club. ew, its a club on long island. ew ew ew. eeeeeewwwwwwwwww!
maybe im a snob but i literally got nauseous while i was there. i forgot how cheesy people can be. and in public. nasty. maybe im just used to going out in the city but the city has a whole variety of people. why was i somewhat shocked at what i saw? but mostly just disgusted. its still confusing me this morning. hmmm. i watch growing up gotti and i love it. why couldnt i stand in the same vicinity as these just as guido cheese pimps and hos? mystery.

i guess it was just a lot of things like the music. maybe im losing it. i thought they would just play hip hop but while the jiller and i had a bowl before we went in she predicted that there would be house music instead and to my displeasurement, she was totally right. gross. i used to say i like all types of music but thats completely untrue. house music makes me wanna puke. big chunks.

so music is one reason why i was grossed out. next - the people. cheese cheese cheese. i love me my cheese but not when it comes to people. nasty nasty nasty. thats how i much i despise it. i have to say everything in three three three. ew. ew. and ew!

last reason. smoking. i know what youre thinking but they aint smokin' what i was smokin' and in new york, youre not supposed to smoke indoors. well, these cheeseheads were smoking and dancing like the nasty hos they are. so disgusting.

i think the last straw that made my decision clear(that i was leaving the first and any chance that came my way) was seeing an old couple on the dance floor like it was 1999. nothing against old folk but when theyre amongst twenty-something cheeseheads, its a bit disturbing. so when the jiller said she was going to the atm, i followed and then got the f-out asap! id rather barf in the privacy of my own home than in that upchuck inducing place. so happy bday jay!


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