Tuesday, May 10, 2005

(not so) simple life

oh the way they were:

bff right? so wrong. after a little tiffie that us normal civilians will never completely know about, miss hilton ditched her best bud and started lobbying for a different simple life:

oy. i have nothing against kimberly stewart. i actually think shes kinda cool after i saw her on howard stern but the way paris dealt with this matter was very ... paris-like i guess. being all catty and making nicole look bad. dont be mad bc she lost weight and looks hot. supposedly (this is paris' reason for being such a biznatch) nicole was a jelo fellow about paris hosting snl but i dont believe that bull. i think nicole is taking her hot herself and focusing on her wedding to dj am. what a cute couple:

maybe paris has lightened up about this whole thing since she finally has found herself a man too:

paris and paris

either way, her lobbying is getting her nowhere. but who knows. its paris "thats hot" hilton. that ho gets whatever she wants. how else can you explain her career.


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