Monday, May 09, 2005

brit rejected - twice!

oh the rollercoaster that is the life of britney spears. girlie had two big dips(im not talking the kind she eats with her cheetos) this past weekend from two "close" friends (the word close is in quotation marks bc you really cant hear my sarcasm through these posts). one is from spit swapping - kabbalah converting - bad dueting mentor madonna/madge/esther.

the britster asked her royal madgesty to be her babys godmother and mrs. ritchie turned her down. damn. maybe madonna will change her mind if brit feeds her baby kabbalah juice and puts that ultra hip red bracelet around the kids wrist. who knows. on to the next "dip":

apparently, trashilera is still burned from her nonexistent invite to a wedding back in october:

in the words of joinaclub - get over it! so youre upset that britney finally dropped down to the same level of trash as you and threw a wedding without ya. yeah. lifes a bitch and so is brit. i love it. who knew brit would end up with a trashbag like kfed and xtina would be marrying a pretty decent(but definitely not a looker) guy like jordan bratman. gasp. will aguihora actually have a classy wedding(san brit of course):

yeah right. i can only imagine what kind of shape her dress will be. yikes, holes in places a dress should never ever have. we'll just have to keep our peepers open.


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