Sunday, May 08, 2005

damn mtv

mtv. they know how to get ya. they are the kings of producing guilty pleasures. you know - shows you swore you would never ever watch and then a mini marathon later, youre addicted. its happened to the best of us. hell, it happened to me... again... yesterday! but with not just one show but with three - well two and a half. im embarassed to admit them but if i dont get it out of my system its just gonna rot my brain so here they are:

making the band 3: why you ask? i dont know. im telling you its those damn mini marathons! and i also cant change the channel when there are people dancing on screen. oh the drama. oh the bad dancing. oh the even worse bad singing. you just cant change the channel. you cant even touch the remote. this season, the girls were so bad that p diddy only chose three (who arent even guaranteed a spot in "the band") and he is having another casting call for this new hot band hes supposed to produce. the man got all the right people to help him create this mega group - hes got johnny "new kids, bsb, *nsync, britney" knight: need i say more - and still no band. even though i'll try my hardest not watch, i will most likely be tuning in to the next season. damn reruns!

rw/rr challenge - the inferno 2: actually, i was a little intrigued by the show even before it came on the air bc instead of the usual real world vs road rules or even boys vs girls, this season was good guys vs bad asses. interesting. but the cast was pretty bleak - no jake - so i didnt really watch when the season started. then, there was a mini marathon of this show too yesterday and who am i to turn down a mini marathon, especially on mtv. the next ep looks very entertaining. the miz gives brad an atomic wedgie and all hell breaks loose on the good guys team. hmm, and in the inferno will be the miz vs mini miz. who wants to miss that. not i. not. i.

mtv cribs: i think i stopped watching this show after its first season. i mean honestly. who needs to watch this show when theres the fabuous life of..., its good to be..., you know. all those feel good shows for us non celebs. yeah. so i wasnt really watching this show yesterday. it was just on while i fed the dog but of course at the end of one ep, there were previews for the next new one and guess whos crib i will be crashin' on tuesday at 10:30:

michael "sexy lexy" rosenbaum

i havent watched an ep of smallville in months so i figured i would watch his crib. itd be interesting to see what kind of place this up and coming actor lives in.

damn mtv. damn mtv! it sucks me in each and every time.


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