Thursday, May 05, 2005

hoy es el cinco de mayo!

oh cinco de mayo. last year i celebrated by having a great meal with "the group" (jamie, the aim, the jiller, gayliestar, and adam) at rosa mexicana. very very nice. this year, i have a bday party to go to but before i leave my home for the cheesy club that i will probably stay in for 5 minutes, i will celebrate the holiday alone watching a classic:

dont make me choose between lucky day, ned nederlander and dusty bottoms. they all have their moments. hell, even el guapo has his moments. my fave quote in the entire movie is exactly two words. picture it, the three are riding their horses in the hot hot desert when each stops to quench his thirst. lucky gets a single drop. ned douses his throat with sand and dusty is chugging away for a good solid minute then moisturizes his lips and goes, "lip balm?" best moment!

happy cinco everyone and down a cerveza for me ... or tequila ;)


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