Thursday, April 28, 2005

idol loses a rocker

honestly. i havent been watching idol this season. i would admit it if i was. hell. i would be writing about it every week. twice a week. tuesday nights with my predictions and wednesday nights with my reactions to the vote off. but seriously. i havent been watching. i know whats up though bc i get us weekly, people, and entertainment weekly at home and read those religiously. we all know with tabloid mags these days, you dont need to watch anything. you just need to read. anyhoo, i actually watched last night.

it all started when i was at work yesterday. i was reading ultragrrrls blog and she wrote about the show and her love for constantine. i was a little po'ed about missing the show bc all the contestants sang songs from the past 5 years. so fun! but then i met up with georgia, fryz, the jiller and jamie for dinner and they reassured me that the performances sucked and the songs they picked were even worse. fine. then jamie invited me watch the results with her and please, how could i resist. so i watched.

even though i only got to see snippets of everyones performances, i could tell how each person was. here are my thoughts on the two worst contestants and the one who got the boot. have a looksie:
anthony is last years jpl!

both short white boys who have their own little fan base of 12 year old girls and their moms. only difference: anthony can sing but cmon, hes no clay. no one can be clay but clay.

the picture of an american idol.

my guess is that the only reason why this f*&%$# didnt get the boot is bc people are scared he will come out shoot their asses. hell. im scared too. shaker heights man. i saw the crapass movie battle of shaker heights and let me tell you - that is shit s.c.a.r.y. scary.

all i knew about this guy is what ive read - which is basically hes a wife-beater. nice. is that a requirement for idols? one must wonder. but after hearing his 5 sec clip from the results show, i think he was kicked out of one of these groups:

<---color me badd or all-4-one--->

guess what scott? i adore, me dont amor. if you werent a scary ass mofo beater, you wouldve gotten the boot.

finally. constantine. i almost shed a tear when he got the boot but lets get real. you cant have two rockers on idol. one of them had to go. plus, its easier to say bo bice than constantine maroulis so just from marketing purposes alone, bo is the winner. bo bice. ridiculous name but easy to say. but to stay with the whole motif of this post, i have another comparison to make:

constantine = a non psycho scott stapp

maybe he shouldve sang with arms wide open. damn nickelback. creed may be broken up bc religion got between them but man, they wrote some catchy-ass songs.


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